How do I program a SiXSIREN to a Lyric Security System?

Activating the SiXSIREN will auto-enroll it if the Lyric is in batch learning mode. Pulling the battery tab or activating the tamper button will activate the device. The alpha descriptors and device programming settings can be adjusted after learning the unit into the system.

The Lyric Security System is compatible with SiX Series devices. The SiXSIREN is a bi-directional security siren that transmits using fully encrypted 2.4GHz WIFI frequencies. The siren has a 300 foot maximum range, and it will notify the Lyric system if there is a communication problem. It is fully wireless, and uses 4 AA batteries to operate. The siren has a large LED for system status, and an 85dB sounder that triggers when the system is in alarm mode. In addition to alarm sounding, the siren can chime when a zone faults (such as a door opening). This is a setting that can be toggled on or off in zone programming.

The Lyric Security system has programming room for 127 security devices. Each SiXSIREN occupies 1 zone in zone programming.

To add a SiXSIREN to a Lyric:

  1. Access zone programming on the Lyric and enable learn mode. On the Lyric’s main screen, click Security > More > Tools > Enter your installer code (the default is 4112) > Program > Zones > Add New > Serial Number. This will load up a virtual keypad and put the system into zone learn mode. Click the “RF6” icon on the right hand side until it displays “Wireless Siren.” You can also press "batch" learning on the bottom right of the zone programming menu before choosing a specific zone.
  2. Take the backplate off the SiXSiren.
  3. Pull the battery tab to activate the SiXSiren. If the SiXSIREN is new, simply pull the battery tab. The siren will learn into the Lyric in 20 seconds or so. If the device has been used before, remove the back cover from the unit to trigger the tamper. After the device initially enrolls, press the tamper button once to complete the enrollment. In the Zone Descriptor 1 and Zone Descriptor 2 fields, enter any descriptive information about the device, such as “Bedroom” or “Left Hallway.” The device is already named “Wireless Siren” in the system. Click the save button in the bottom right of the screen after programming is complete.
  4. Test the siren. Assuming the siren is enabled to sound during an alarm, triggering a burglary or fire alarm will activate the siren. If the siren is set to chime, opening a door or window will also activate the siren

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