How does dual path monitoring work w/ Honeywell L5100?

If you thrive on the speed of the internet but also feel the need to protect the vulnerable internet communications with a more reliable cellular connection, dual path alarm monitoring is the perfect option. Unfortunately, past Honeywell all-in-one (AIO) wireless alarm control panels like the L3000 LYNX Plus or L5000 LYNX Touch did not offer a dual path alarm monitoring option. If you wanted the ease and security of an AIO wireless alarm control panel you had to sacrifice using dual path home security monitoring service. With the release of the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control panel, you no longer have to sacrifice anything.

By allowing us to install both the L5100-WIFI and GSMVLP5-4G alarm communicators inside the L5100 LYNX Touch wireless alarm control, Honeywell has finally put together a wireless security system that can support dual path alarm monitoring.

Please note that while the L5100 LYNX Touch does also support the ILP5 internet alarm monitoring communicator, you cannot use the ILP5 alongside a GSMVLP5-4G cellular alarm communicator. Dual monitoring for the L5100 LYNX Touch can only be accomplished by using a L5100-WIFI alarm communicator and a GSMVLP5-4G cellular communicator. You also cannot use the L5100-WIFI with the older L5000 LYNX Touch or L3000 LYNX Plus alarm control panels which means the L5100 LYNX Touch is the only AIO wireless security system with the option for dual path alarm monitoring.

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Under the Reporter option in programming, you want to enter the Primary CS Info tab and the Dynamic Priority should be set to Preferred Radio. With that setting, the panel will try to use the WIFI module as the primary path and if it fails, it will switch over to the phone line path. They should both report to the same account number. If you have each path sending different messages to different account numbers, then you must have something also set in the Secondary CS Info tab. If you scroll down in each CS Info tab, you can choose which messages to send for each path.
I have Land Line and Wi-Fi Module. Some codes get sent over one, vs. the other, and each reference their own account. There is an option on the Lynx 5100 Touch where you can state Wi-Fi preferred, or change the value to none. Assuming that means all alerting gets sent over PTSN. it is tough to confirm this.

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