How does Slide Show feature work on Lyric Controller?

While the Lyric controller touts many benefits, one that is not as well known is the Slide Show feature which allows you to load images to the system and have them display as a screen saver when the system is in an idle state. This feature effectively turns your all-in-one security system into a digital picture frame that you can use to show off pictures of your family, vacations, etc.

Up until recently, you could use your Total Connect 2.0 account to load images from a computer down to the Lyric but Honeywell recently discontinued that feature (which you can read more about here) so now the only way to do it is to load them via a USB stick directly to the panel using the port on the bottom edge of the panel.

You can load up to 30 images at a time to the panel (you do have the option to delete images that have been loaded) and the individual file size limit is 2MB. Honeywell suggests to use pictures that are 1024 x 600 to best fit the Lyric touchscreen display but we've found images that aren't exactly those dimensions will load to the screen. The images should also be JPEG (.jpg) format.

Once you've loaded your desired and properly formatted images onto your USB stick, insert the USB stick into the port on the bottom edge of the Lyric system. We had our Lyric desk mounted and therefore had to lay it on its back to be able to insert the USB. If your Lyric is on the wall, the port should be easily accessibly by crouching below the panel.

Next, press Security > Tools > and enter your system's master code (What's my master code?) so that you can access the Users screen on the system. Hitting the right arrow, will take you to a second screen that has the Slide Show icon. Press the Slide Show icon to get to the slide show programming page. From this page, you can load the images from the USB by clicking Load Images. The system's screen will go to a gray screen that shows the images are loading. Depending on how many images you have and their respective sizes, this can take a few minutes so please be patient. Once the images are loaded, you'll see the options to choose your SLIDE INTERVAL time which determines how long the system will display a particular image before scrolling to the next image (options are 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds) and the SLIDE AFTER time which determines how many seconds of inactivity the panel needs before it will start the slideshow (options are 30 seconds and 2, 10 and 30 minutes). The SLIDE AFTER selection also has Disabled as an option which would disable the slide show from running even if you have images loaded. As mentioned above, there is also a DELETE button that allows you to delete a loaded image from the Lyric memory.

Once you have loaded your images and saved your slide show settings, you can back out to the panel's home screen by hitting the return arrow at the top right and then the Back button to exit out of the Users menu and your slide show will begin according to your set SLIDE AFTER time.

Please note that the slide show will not begin until the panel has all system/zone troubles cleared and all zones in a ready state. Therefore, if you want the slide show to run while you have a zone opened/faulted, you'll need to bypass that zone or close the door/window to clear the zone fault.)

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Do you have any images currently loaded to your Lyric slideshow? I would think if not, that's the only reason those buttons would be grayed out for you. Please email if you'd like additional troubleshooting help or give us a call M-F 9-8 EST at 888-818-7728. Also, is your Lyric system currently being monitored or are you running it just as a local system?
The "Slide After" button on my panel is grayed out and says 'Disabled" is there anyway for me to change these settings?
I'd suggest verifying how long you have the "slide after" option set to and verify that you have no current system troubles. Likely this would be caused by either of those issues.
I have downloaded pictures successfully and see them in the Lyric panel but once I exit out, the sllde show never starts,it constantly stays on the home screen, any advise?
It sounds like you have the Backlight Timeout option set to 30 Seconds in your panel's System Settings screen of programming. If you disable that setting, your slide show should work as expected. Also, did you see we offer no-contract alarm monitoring services at ? We are experts on the Lyric system and may even be able to save you money if you aren't in a contract for service now with another company.
My panel has always had a black screen when idle. It attempts to show the default slideshow for .5 seconds when I touch the screen before it goes to the main screen. I've noticed on your videos though that the feature actually works. Am I missing something? I did ensure it was jpg and fit the size specifications.

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