How does a Tuxedo Touch communicate with the VISTA-20P?

The Tuxedo Touch is a graphic touchscreen keypad for a Honeywell VISTA Series alarm control panel such as the VISTA-20P. The Tuxedo Touch is an amazing device because it combines a beautiful graphic touchscreen keypad with a Z-Wave® controller for home automation of Z-Wave enabled lights, locks and thermostats. In fact, the Tuxedo Touch can even act as a standalone home automation device if you don't have a Honeywell security system in your home or business. The only thing the Tuxedo Touch needs is power and an Ethernet connection to your home network's router. If you choose the Tuxedo Touch WIFI, you don't even need an Ethernet connection as the Tuxedo Touch WIFI can connect wirelessly to your router.

If you do want to integrate a Tuxedo Touch or Tuxedo Touch WIFI with your VISTA-20P security system, you will need to hardwire it to your alarm control panel. Just like with any other Honeywell alarm keypad, the Tuxedo Touch wires into the (4) ECP terminals on the VISTA-20P circuit board. The terminal on the Tuxedo Touch labeled 'G' for green should be connected to terminal 6 on the VISTA-20P which is labeled 'IN' for data in from the keypad. The terminal labeled '-' on the Tuxedo Touch should be connected to terminal 4 labeled 'GND' for ground on the VISTA-20P. The terminal labeled '+' for +12VDC should be connected to terminal 5 labeled 'AUX' for auxiliary power on the VISTA-20P. Finally, the terminal labeled 'Y' (for yellow) on the Tuxedo Touch should be connected to terminal 7 labeled 'OUT' (for data out to the keypad) on the VISTA-20P.

If you are using traditional 4-conductor alarm wire, you will have a green, black, red and yellow conductor. The green conductor should connect the 'G' terminal on the Tuxedo Touch to terminal 6 on the VISTA-20P. The black wire should connect the '-' terminal on the Tuxedo Touch to terminal 4 on the VISTA-20P. The red wire should connect the '+' terminal on the Tuxedo Touch to terminal 5 on the VISTA-20P. The yellow wire should connect the 'Y' terminal on the Tuxedo Touch to terminal 7 on the VISTA-20P.

Make sure to make all wiring connections with the Tuxedo Touch and the VISTA-20P powered down. After powering the system and the keypad back up, you will need to assign the Tuxedo Touch to one of the available AUI device addresses. The Honeywell VISTA-20P uses device address 1, 2, 5 and 6 for AUI devices. Once addressed, you can use the Tuxedo Touch for all security system functions.

The Tuxedo Touch draws up to 310mA and the Tuxedo Touch WIFI draws up to 350mA from the auxiliary power of the VISTA-20P. As the VISTA-20P only puts out 600mA of auxiliary power, you may need to connect your Tuxedo Touch keypads to a separate power supply so that you don't overdraw the auxiliary power on the VISTA-20P. We recommend using the Honeywell AD12612 power supply which has 1.2A of power output.

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You can't do any security functions on the Tuxedo by itself. It must have a VISTA panel to work with. The Tuxedo is just a wired, touchscreen keypad with a built-in Z-Wave controller. The ECP error is because the Tuxedo knows there is no VISTA panel for it there to talk to. If you purchase a VISTA panel, it will allow you to arm/disarm, etc. but it will not have a built-in RF receiver like the L5100 does, and the screens and how you move around within the panel will differ slightly. It will be similar, but not exactly the same. The zone programming will be particularly different between a VISTA and a LynxTouch L5100. We offer many written and video guides on our site that will walk you through how to perform programming on the VISTA panel.
Hi, I mistakenly bought the tuxedo without the vista unit, thinking of a replacement to my older Lynx 5100. My question on tuxedo WITHOUT vista unit: a) Does it support adding keyfob like 5834 etc? b) Adding all the proprietary Honeywell RF devices such as the wireless door sensor? c) Possible to disarm/arming WITHOUT the vista? Always appear ECP comm error when trying to use disarm/arming function. d) If I purchase the vista unit, does it turn the functionality exactly like the Lynx 5100? The nice feature for the tuxedo is the built web server function. I can remotely access the panel via the web browser.
Hi Caroline. While the Tuxedo Touch WIFI works with wireless Z-Wave control devices (lights, locks and thermostats), it does not also act as a wireless RF receiver for adding additional security sensors to a VISTA control panel. Do you have any wireless sensors working (a wireless key fob to arm/disarm remotely would be an RF device as well as any wireless door/window sensors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, etc) your system now?
Hi Sterling, Can the Newer Tuxedo Touch WIFI replace the RF receiver? Or do I need to wire up my 6160RF also?
If you enter programming mode and press #189, what is the display read out?
I can't connect my tuxedo wifi to the vista 20p! I truer 1,2 and 5 and 6 but notting!!
You can only have one touchscreen device assigned to a particular ECP address and on a VISTA-20P, address 1, 2, 5 and 6 must be used for any touchscreen/AUI devices. Those addresses may or may not be enabled in your panel's programming although typically 1 and 2 are both enabled. You will need to ensure your *189 programming option is set properly for the ECP addresses that you need enabled and then make sure to set a unique ECP address for each touchscreen/AUI device. On the Tuxedo/6280, from the home screen, press Setup > System Setup > CS Setup > and enter your system's installer code (try 4140 if it's showing an ECP error now) and then you should be able to view and edit the ECP address for that device.
I'm upgrading one of my panels (a 6280) after it failed with an ECP error. I tested the lines with a multimeter both at the 20P controller and at the wall where the panel mounts and the voltage appears correct. My second panel is a Tuxedo (non-wifi). That said, I purchased a Tuxedo WiFi and installed the panel. At first boot, it asked for an ID. I couldn't recall what ID to assign, so I selected ID 1. It appeared to go through the setup and was communicating with the controller. Near the end of the setup there was a controller communication error and it failed with an ECP error. 1) How do I change the ID number on the new panel 2) How do I identify the ID number of the pre-existing panel? 3) Do you have any ideas or suggestions of where I should troubleshoot next?
Hi Leekram, We generally prefer a support ticket by emailing us for issues like this but let me see if I can tackle some of this here. We always recommend an alphanumeric keypad for zone programming. However technically you can program zones from a Tuxedo in console mode. You do not need TC to include Z-Wave devices with your Tuxedo. Just go into automation and press add device. Then press the identify sequence on the Z-Wave device. Have you assigned an ECP address to each of the three tuxedos? I would recommend assigning them to ECP 1, 5 and 6. Then use the console mode on Tux assigned to ECP 1 to enter console mode. You should be able to see the live status of the system and arm/disarm from there. Is this a brand new system?
Hi To be completely honest i am new to these security/automation systems however i have extensive knowledge in programming garage door operators, gate operators, shutters etc. I have been called to rectify a incomplete/bad set up of a Vista 21ip and Tuxedo touch. After doing some research i thought that this should be pretty easy however it not. I viewed your YouTube videos (along with others) to no avail. System description This system is set up only for security presently Tuxedo touch shows 16 named zones, 6 of which i know are hardwired and 10 wireless zones. Presently there are 3 Tuxedo touch wired to the Vista 21ip, however only 2 are working. (i did not get to investigate why the third is not as yet. This systems does NOT have a alpha numeric keypad wired to it. The Tuxedo's are wired to the Vista 21ip All wired zones are wired with a resistor Problems 1. The 6 wired zones does not seem to be active neither in stay, nor away nor night mode. The wireless zones (Z Wave) seem to be working ok. I am sure that the 3 of the 6 wired motion sensors are working as when i walk by them a light blinks. The other 3 wired sensors does not have that light hence i cant tell. The Tuxedo keypad does not indicate any problem with any of the zones. 2. The owner also wants to program some Z-Wave switches to the system which i tried after watching your YouTube videos but to no avail again. The Tuxedo does not recognize the z wave switch when its pressed i.e. when trying to enroll the switch. 3. Additionally i read in the Tuxedo Manual that i can put the Tuxedo in 'Console mode" to do any programming that may have been done by the alpha numeric keypad however, when the Tuxedo is placed in "Console Mode" it does not respond to any codes or passcodes, it just shows a keypad screen. QUESTIONS 1. Do i need the alpha numeric keypad to do the programming of the wired zones? 2. Do i need Total Connect to program the Z Wave switches to the Tuxedo? 3. what else am i missing? Thanks for you assistance in advance Regards
You can also use a key fob or Total Connect app to arm from another area to avoid this issue...
Well you want to program motions to interior follower unless they are looking directly at an entry door in which case it requires interior with delay. However this will not affect the ability to arm the system while tripping the motion. Unfortunately you will just have to be still right as you arm the system...
Thanks for the reply frank...So I realized the fault issue was a result of my zone type 3 preset hardwire programming being set to EOL instead of NC...After changing the HW type all faults cleared....Next I am installing motion sensors and was wondering which zone type you would normally program those to so that my sensors aren't displaying fault when I try to arm the device because I am standing in the room
Correct. You can either program those zones as Normally Closed (NC) as the input type or install a 2K resistor in series at the panel or end-of-line (EOL).
I am installing a vista 21ip for a friend of mine with a tuxedo touch wifi, the control panel consists of only window contacts in HW zones 2-7 . He has a lot of windows so I wired each room in series to represent each zone but upon connecting in the panel did not install EOLRs.. this is a new install so ive never had the system actually running. but the tuxedo is registering all my zones as faulted zones. I have tried clearing the faults by opening and closing windows but no such luck.. are all my zones faulting because I did not install resistors?
You would need to fully reprogram the entire system if you do swap out to a VISTA-21iP. The upgraded PROM and addition of 7847i would get you to the same end result without any programming needed. You should also check with your company to ensure they support the 21iP if you are considering that option.
With a Vista-21iP, what else would I need to support at least 2 tuxedo touch keypads (for the time being I'm leaving the other two keypads alone)?
I don't think a full system upgrade is necessary but you could look at upgrading to the VISTA-21iP as it would support Total Connect 2.0 and has a built-in Ethernet connection. The Total Connect service is offered through Honeywell dealers and goes through their encrypted servers and they charge the dealer for the account so that's why there's a monthly fee involved.
I can easily get ethernet from my router to the panel, its only a few feet away. It seems I should just upgrade the entire panel system as well. What would you recommend I get? I am happy with my existing monitoring. Do I have to pay extra to be able to access my security system by phone? a service charge? Why can't it just connect to my existing wireless network and then I should be able to access.
Are you able to get an Ethernet connection from your router to the panel? You'll need to upgrade that PROM to version 9.12 or higher to use Total Connect 2.0 service (remote access from a phone or computer). If you got the 7847i ( ) and a new 20P PROM ( ), we could provide you with the Total Connect 2.0 service with our Self Bronze plan at for only $10/month without affecting your existing monitoring. Yes, your keypads are wired to the system.
WA20P-3.0 I don't really have a preference on the first question. Isn't the keypad connected to the 20p by the wires? My existing keypads are all wired to the 20p
Do you want that connection to be IP, GSM or dual path? IP would be less expensive but would be reliant on your home's internet connection. Dual path or cellular would be more expensive but more reliable. Also, there's a PROM chip in the center of your 20P board. It should have a white sticker on it and something printed starting with 'WA'. Can you provide that full WA number?
I have a monitoring service through the phone line. What I want is the ability to set and disengage the security system through my cell phone when not at home (or connected zwave devices).
Yes, if you want monitoring service, the Tuxedo Touch WIFI is not enough. You would also need an alarm communicator. You could use the 7847i for an IP communicator or you could use the GSMX4G or GSMV4G for a cellular communicator. Finally, the iGSMV4G is a dual path communicator. Are you interested in working with us for monitoring instead? We have no-contract plans available online at
I have a Vista 20P system and would like to add the Tuxedo Wifi. The security company is telling me that I need to add components (GSM-X4g) to enable remote access to my system (or an ethernet cable, but I don't have that running to my existing keypads). Is this true? Is there anything else I need to add?
Ah, thank you!
No, the Tuxedo is not an wireless RF receiver. You'll need a keypad with an integrated receiver (like the 6150RF or 6160RF) or a standalone wireless receiver (like the 5881ENL/5881ENM/5881ENH).
Does the Tuxedo Touch act as a receiver as well for RF devices? I'm getting an RF 100 error on the tuxedo touch with a Vista 20ip and i'm wondering if I needed an additional RF receiver??
Okay, feel free to sign up online at
I was looking into the total connect self monitoring plan,
Are you planning to get monitoring service? With the right plan, you'll be able to control your Z-Wave via a mobile device or website so maybe you don't need to touchscreen Z-Wave controllers in the house.
damn, honeywell go me I didnt think i needed 2 tuxedo touches. Thanks for the info on the garage door
If you have X10 lights, you could use the lighting icon on the 6280. Otherwise, if you have Z-Wave lights, you'll only be able to control them from the Tuxedo Touch. You just need the 5877, a wireless receiver (which I detailed your options above) and the 5834-4 key fob to control your garage door from a fob button.
thanks again, in the 6280 manual it says the lighting icon is used to control specific lights "if programmed by your installer" is this indeed possible or just honeywell blowing smoke. with the 5877 could you tell me exactly what i would need including fobs receivers etc.
Assuming ECP address 2 is on by default, you should just have to set the 6280 to ECP address 2. The light icon was a holdover feature from the old X10 lighting that was supported on VISTA panels. Yes, if you get a 5877 connected to your garage door, you can use the fob to disarm and open the door.
ok so do I have to enable the 6280 with the *189 field for just set the ecp adress as 2,5, or 6. On the 6280 why is there a light Icon if you cannot use it for anything? As for the key fob Id like to be able to open my garage door and disarm the system from my car so I dont have to pull in the garage and run to the keypad before the delay is up. Can this be achieved?
You need to assign the 6280 to a unique AUI address. It can't be the same address the Tuxedo Touch WIFI is using. The available AUI addresses on a VISTA-20P are 1, 2, 5 and 6 and typically 1 and 2 are enabled by default in the panel. Therefore, check your Tuxedo ECP address and if it's set to 1, try 2 for the 6280. You won't be able to control Z-Wave devices from the 6280 as there's no Z-Wave controller in that keypad. You would need to add a Honeywell RF wireless receiver if you want to use a key fob. There are standalone receivers (5881ENL, 5881ENM or 5881ENH) and there are receivers built into keypads (6150RF and 6160RF).
Hi, I have a vista 20p, a 6120 as the programing keypad, tuxedo touch wifi, and a regular touch 6280, how do i enable the 6280, the 6120 and the touch are working fine the 6280 says its not receiving data from the panel. once I have the 6280 enabled and working will I be able to control my zwave devices from it also? Last question is there a way to connect a keyfob with what I already have or do I need a separate wifi receiver?
Total Connect 2.0 defaults to use AUI address 2 so if this is your first Tuxedo, you should be able to use the default address of 1. If you already have a Tuxedo, you may have to enable address 5 or 6 so there's no address conflict. Your monitoring company should be able to tell you what address TC2.0 is using as well. An address conflict wouldn't "break" the system but it's better to verify and then do it right instead of trying different addresses until it works.
If we have Total Connect monitoring, what address should I use when installing a new Tuxedo Touch? If I accidentally use the same address will it break the system, or will the Tux just let me there is a conflict and to use another address?
Unless the panel was armed with the installer code, the installer code won't disarm the system. You need to know what the Master Code is to disarm the system. I don't think Guardian would have access to that but you can certainly ask them.
Is that what you would do? just keep trying? Guardian alarm installed it. Would they give me the installer code even though I'm not using them at the moment?
Actually it's 10,000 codes. The panels are designed to store all memory after a power outage. The LYNX Touch is a professional alarm system.
Um... Thanks like 100,000 possible codes tho lol. There is no way to make this thing go back to its original state? What is allowing it to store memory of the last time it went off? Sim card?
Yes, try every code from 0000 to 9999 until you try the one that works.
Believe it or not ...(this is gonna sound weird).. I asked my agent for the number to the previous owners...I called them, asked if I could have the master code to the alarm for the house I purchased from them..and he said " are you fkn crazy..don't call me again and hung up" lol... every time I replay this in my head it blows my mind. But yep... this is where I'm at at this point. It's unbelievable to be quite honest! What is brute force? Just trying to make one up and hope it works? thanks for your time Sterling
Unfortunately, with the system armed, there is no way to get it disarmed without having one of the valid user codes. It's designed to come back up in the previous state after a power cycle to keep criminals from being about to unplug a system to disable an alarm. You can try brute forcing the code or you can ask the old owners for a code. Are there any alarm company markings on the panel or windows/doors/yard?
Yes. I'm sorry I left that out. Yes I have tried a master of 1234 and the installer 4112. Nothing works
Have you tried disarming the system with the default master code of 1234 or the default installer code of 4112?
You must have setup user access levels for the Tuxedo itself. This is separate from the panel's user codes. You should adjust your Screen Security access levels from System Setup > CS Setup.
I purchased a house with a l5200 in it, and upon trying to reset installer code now the alarm is going off. Doesn't seem to matter how long I leave it unplugged for it still has the same status when I plug it back in. I just want to use the alarm stand alone for right now. Anyone help me get this thing reset!? lol.
1234 says Code Declined. My own code works, but the kids' codes say Code Declined. I prefer not to give them my code. I noticed if I go into Settings, Account that no codes are listed. Should I not see the codes that are programmed into the Vista 20P?
Are you asking about the Voice Messages? The Master Code (default 1234) is the code you should be using to access the Voice Message feature from the Multi-Media > Message option. Once you have input the MC, you have the option to record a message, stop a recording and play back a message. None of these functions should prompt you for a code again once you are within the Voice Message section.
I have a Tuxedo Touch and it generally works great. The user codes that were programmed into our Vista 20P can be used for security functions to arm/disarm; however there is a messaging feature that I would like to use. I can use my master code to save a message, but for others to retrieve the message the Tuxedo seems to want a different user code. I don't see the system users listed in the Tuxedo, and if I try to add their codes in I get an error. Is there a step to sync my users from the Vista 20P into the Tuxedo?
Is it a VISTA-20P or VISTA-20? The 20P should be compatible, while a 20 would not be compatible.
I have a Vista 20, will it compatible with Tuxedo Touch WiFi
No, the Tuxedo is not an AlarmNet communicator. The Tuxedo allows you to use the automation through Total Connect but you still need to have an AlarmNet communicator (7847i, GSMV4G, iGSMV4G, etc.) attached to the system.
Can we use Alarmnet services/internet monitoring by adding tuxedo touch to a vista 20-p.
No, you should have enough output to power the Tux, 6160RF and the motion.
I want to install a tuxedo touch wifi to my vista 21ip panel. I have a 6160rf key pad and one motion. Do I need to get an external power supply?
Unfortunately, the Tuxedo Touch is not compatible with the VISTA-20SE. You should upgrade to a VISTA-20P or VISTA-21iP.
having a problem connecting to my vista-20se i looked it it said it was compatibal with this board,can you help me out,

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