How is a Z-Wave Device Added To An LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV?

Including or excluding a Z-Wave device from an LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV that has a PROWIFIZW requires assistance from your alarm dealer. This is because the device can only be put into its inclusion or exclusion mode through AlarmNet360. Only alarm dealers have access to the AlarmNet360 server.

The LTEM-PA and LTEM-PV are modular LTE communicators offered by Resideo through AlarmNet. They can work with a variety of different alarm panels and can even offer Total Connect 2.0 remote interactive services to some non-Resideo panels when properly set up. By adding the PROWIFIZW the user can take advantage of both WIFI alarm communication and Z-Wave Plus automation.

Using Z-Wave devices with an LTEM-P Series communicator is unique. Usually, an alarm panel with a Z-Wave controller has a touchscreen so that you can see and control your devices once they've been learned into the system. Also, this same touchscreen allows you to include them. You don't have this luxury with the LTEM-P series. This is why you'll need the help of your alarm dealer. And, for this reason, once you include Z-Wave devices with the system, you will only be able to control them through Total Connect 2.0.

Once the PROWIFIZW has been installed in an LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV you can add Z-Wave devices to the system. To do so, you will need to work with your alarm dealer. That means you or another person must be onsite, within Z-Wave Plus range of the PROWIFIZW, and you will need to be speaking to a representative of your alarm dealer during the process.

Important Note: Adding Z-Wave devices to the LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV will allow for manual control through Total Connect 2.0, but does not currently support automation through scenes.

Steps To Add a Z-Wave Device to an LTEM-PA or LTEM-PV with a PROWIFIZW Installed:

  1. Prepare Z-Wave devices. Get ready by opening the Z-Wave devices you will be including and checking their instructions to see how each device is included and excluded. This will save time in later steps. If any devices require special installation, such as hardwired switches or outlets, complete these installations. We recommend hiring a qualified electrician when dealing with high-voltage AC wiring.
  2. Contact your alarm dealer. Contact your alarm dealer to let them know you need assistance with setting up Z-Wave devices. They may be able to assist you immediately, or they may need to schedule an appointment for a later time. Whether now or later, be prepared to proceed with inclusion when the time comes.
  3. Work with your alarm dealer. Your alarm dealer is going to log into AlarmNet360, access your account, and put your system into either Inclusion Mode or Exclusion Mode. They will receive a confirmation when the system is in the appropriate mode. Once they do, they'll let you know and you will then go to each device and either include or exclude (in some cases, the process will be the same for each) that device.

    For most devices, it is recommended that you exclude before attempting to include. For this reason, we recommend you have your dealer first put your system into Exclusion Mode. Then, go to each device and successfully exclude it. Next, have the dealer put your system into Inclusion Mode. Go to each device and include it. The dealer should receive feedback from the system as each device is successfully excluded and included and they should relay this information to you. Once all devices have been successfully included, let your alarm dealer know and they can then take your system out of Inclusion Mode. At this point, you should be able to let your alarm dealer go.
  4. Test each device. Once your devices have been synced with Total Connect 2.0, you'll be able to log in and manually control each device. Log in and verify that each device works as expected.

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