How loud is the 2Gig Go!Control's internal siren?

The 2GIG GoControl is a self-contained wireless security system. The term self-contained means that the alarm panel board is built into the touchscreen display keypad. Another feature that makes it a self-contained system is the fact that it has an on board siren that will be triggered during an alarm! In most cases, the shrills from this bell is all you need in a small to medium sized home or business. The siren outputs an ear-piercing 85dB. The siren is located on the top right of the keypad as depicted below.

In order to differentiate burglary events from fire and CO detection, the American Nation Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created standards temporal sounds based. When there is a fire alarm, a "T3" (ISO 8201 and ANSI/ASA S3.41 Temporal Pattern) is triggered. On the other hand, a T4 (Temporal Patter 4) sounds during Carbon Monoxide detection. The GoControl abides by these standards making it easy for individuals on site to determine what type of alarm is going off.

The speaker on the GoControl does not only serve as a siren. In fact, it is speaker that is capable of chiming and voice annunciating faulted zones such as a door opening. The chime and voice type are to be selected in zone programming for each zone. Then there is a global setting found in the main menu by checking off the "Voice" and "Chime."

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