How Loud is the Interlogix Simon XTi or XTi-5 Siren?

The Interlogix Simon XTI or XTI-5 siren is rated at 85 dB. This is the minimum recommended level for a home alarm system. But this is still plenty loud enough for most applications. For users who need a louder setup, it is always possible to install a a hardwired siren with the system.

Interlogix simon xti front view of wireless security systemInterlogix simon xti 5 80 632 3n xt5 front image

Both the Simon XTi and Simon XTi-5 have internal sirens that operate at a minimum volume of 85 dB, and they may even produce volume outputs that are slightly higher. It's worth mentioning that 85 dB is generally the minimum siren volume for an all-in-one alarm system. And 85 dB is generally loud enough for most users, as it is about as loud as a passing diesel truck or snow blower.

Installing a louder siren is always an option for XTi and XTi-5 users. The panels both have siren outputs that will provide up to 250 mA of current, and they will require that a 4.7K ohm resistor is wired in parallel. If this is insufficient power, then a relay and a power supply will be needed. Alarm Grid sells siren kits for this exact purpose.

Whenever an alarm event occurs, the XTi or XTi-5 siren will activate. The siren will continue to sound until a valid code is entered or the bell timeout expires. It is possible to adjust the bell timeout period for an XTi or XTi-5 System, but the user will need to provide the Installer Code to do this. The default Installer Code for these systems is 4321. The bell timeout period for these security systems can range from 2 minutes to 254 minutes.

The user can also disable the siren entirely for either of these systems. The Panel Piezo Alarm option is listed within the Siren Options of programming. The user will need to provide the Installer Code to access this option.

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