How much does the system event log store in VISTA-20Ps?

The Honeywell VISTA-20P security system has the ability to record various system events in an event log that shows recent history of security system events. You can use an alphanumeric alarm keypad like the Honeywell 6160 or 6160RF to view the VISTA-20P security system's event log.

The VISTA-20P event log holds up to (100) of the most recent events that have occurred on your security system. When the event log is full, the oldest event will automatically be overwritten by any new event. The VISTA-20P event log is great for going through past events when troubleshooting your Honeywell security system.

To view the event log, your VISTA-20P will need to be in a disarmed state. Enter your system master code followed by the [#] key, followed by [6] + [0]. Your alphanumeric keypad will display the most recent event using a (3) digit event number, a (4) digit alphanumeric event code, a zone or user number depending on the event, the partition in which the event occurred and the time and date of the event. You can press the [*] key to scroll to older events and you can press the [#] key to scroll to more recent events. If you press any key other than [*] or [#], you will exit the event log.

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Yes, it's programmable via the *90 section of programming. If field 90 is set to 0, it won't log any events.
My Honeywell panel works as far as sending alarms to the security monitoring site but it does not log events. Does anyone know how to fix this? Is is programmable or fixable?

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