How Many Hardwired Zones Are Available on a VISTA 20P?

The Vista-20P supports a total of 48 hardwired zones. Zone 1 can interface with 2-wire smokes. Zones 2 - 8 can be used as single zones, or doubled to provide up to 14 hardwired zone inputs. Using up to five Honeywell 4219 zone expanders, a total of 48 hardwired zone inputs can be achieved.

Assuming that no add-ons are being used, a VISTA-20P System will support eight hardwired zones. Zone 1 can be used for compatible 2-wire smoke detectors, or can be used as a burglary or environmental zone input. When zone doubling is used, then up to 15 zones can be supported. Zone doubling is a special feature that allows two different hardwired devices to be connected to the same zone terminals on a wired alarm system. The devices will be configured as separate zones based on programming and the resistor value that is used with each. This allows both zones on the same terminals to have their own unique settings and configurations.

But if a user wants to use more than 15 hardwired zones on their VISTA-20P System, then at least one 4219 Zone Expander is needed. This device will add eight additional hardwired zones to the system. Up to five of these devices can be used with the system, for a total of 48 standalone hardwired zones. Please note that zone doubling is not possible on any zone used with a 4219 Zone expander.

In total, a VISTA-20P System will support a maximum of 64 possible zones. It is possible to have up to 48 hardwired zones or 56 wireless zones. In order to use any wireless zones with a VISTA 20P, a wireless receiver is required. The panel can also support up to 16 key fob zones. Zones 49 - 64 can be used as key fob zones or burglary zones as needed.

For more information on the number of zones that can be used with a Honeywell VISTA Panel, we recommend checking out this VISTA Cheatsheet.

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