How Many Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W Converters Can a PROA7PLUS Panel Support?

A PROA7PLUS Panel can support up to 16 Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W Converters, assuming that all eight (8) of the available zones are used on each module. This would use up all 127 of the PROSIX Zones on the PROA7PLUS, and the 16th and final PROSIXC2W would only be able to use seven (7) zones.

The Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W is a wired to wireless converter used with the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS Wireless Security System. Hardwired sensors connect to the PROSIXC2W in the same way that they would connect with a hardwired alarm panel. The PROSIXC2W then communicates with the PROA7PLUS System wirelessly so that the connected wired sensors can interface with the system. One limitation to keep in mind is that all zones on any PROSIXC2W device must all be programmed to the same partition. Each zone connected to the PROSIXC2W will use one of the wireless PROSIX Zones on the PROA7PLUS System. Since there are eight (8) wired zones on the PROSIXC2W, each PROSIXC2W device will in-turn use eight (8) wireless PROSIX zones on the PROA7PLUS, assuming that all zones are being used. The PROA7PLUS has 127 wireless zones available for PROSIX Sensors. So if you used only PROSIXC2W devices with your PROA7PLUS, and no other PROSIX or Honeywell SiX Series Sensors, then you would be able to use 15 PROSIXC2W Converters, each with eight (8) zones on the PROA7PLUS, and you could also add a 16th PROSIXC2W unit, but there would only be space for seven (7) zones on that one.

The PROA7PLUS System technically has 250 total zones available. But 123 of those zones are for use with legacy sensors that are facilitated through the use of a Honeywell Home PROTAKVEOVER Legacy RF Receiver. The other 127 zones are for PROSIX and SiX Series devices. These PROSIX and SiX Series zones are what the PROSIXC2W uses. When we say that you can use 15 PROSIXC2W devices using eight (8) zones apiece, plus an additional 16th PROSIXC2W using seven (7) zones, totaling 127 zones, that is assuming that you are not using any other PROSIX or SiX Series Sensors with the PROA7PLUS System. Each PROSIX or SiX Series Sensor that you add will take up at least one (1) zone on the system, with some sensors actually using more than one zone in some cases. Each zone that a PROSIX or SiX Series Sensor occupies takes away a potential zone for a PROSIXC2W device. So keep that in mind when considering how many PROSIXC2W Converters you can use with your system.

Additionally, we have been assuming that each PROSIXC2W Converter is being used to capacity, and that all eight (8) of its zones are being used. If you want to get theoretical for a moment, you could technically have each PROSIXC2W Converter set up with just one (1) zone. In that case, you could potentially have up to 127 PROSIXC2W Wired to Wireless Converters enrolled with your single PROA7PLUS Panel. However, nobody would do that, as it really wouldn't make sense to just use one zone per PROSIXC2W. A user will want to get their money's worth and maximize the value of their PROSIXC2W devices by using all eight (8) of the zones wherever possible. So while there is the theoretical answer that you could technically have 127 PROSIXC2W devices set up with one PROA7PLUS, there would usually never be any reason to use more than 16, with the 16th and final one only using 7 of its 8 zones. And even then, a user will almost certainly have some standard PROSIX and SiX Series devices set up with their PROA7PLUS. Since those devices take up the PROSIX Zones used by the PROSIXC2W, the actual maximum number of PROSIXC2W Converters that a PROA7PLUS System would be able to support, assuming that each PROSIXC2W Converter is being used to its eight (8) zone maximum capacity, would likely be considerably lower. It all depends on how many PROSIX and SiX Series zones are available on the PROA7PLUS System.

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