How many LKP500 keypads can I add to a Lyric systems?

The Lyric Controller can support up to 8 LKP500 keypads.

The Honeywell Lyric Controller is Honeywell’s newest all-in-one wireless security system. Several features set it apart from its predecessors, it has built-in WIFI and Z-Wave support, without the need to add additional modules. It has a built-in camera, which can be configured to take pictures upon disarming from the Lyric panel, as well as giving the user the ability to take snapshots when combined with a Total Connect 2.0 account, and it supports SIX Series encrypted, bi-directional wireless sensors.

The LKP500 is the SIX Series, encrypted wireless keypad for use with the Lyric Controller and any other panel that supports SIX Series devices. Saying the keypad is wireless is a bit misleading, as it does require AC power, and needs to be connected to an outlet, but it doesn’t require any wires from it to the Lyric panel. Since it is bi-directional, meaning it both sends information to the Lyric, and receives information from it, the LKP500 is supervised by the controller. It sends a check in signal to the panel every 60 seconds. If the Lyric doesn't hear from a particular LKP500 for 200 seconds, it will show the supervision zone associated with that keypad in trouble. The first LKP500 associated to the Lyric will be linked to zone 850, the second will be linked to zone 851, and so on, up to zone 857, for a total of 8 remote keypads. The LKP500 has a range of about 300 feet from the Lyric Controller.

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