How many sirens can be used on a Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric Gateway supports up to 64 wireless sirens.

The Lyric Gateway is the newest all in one system released by Honeywell. The system is fully compatible with all 5800 wireless sensors (except for those that require a House ID to use) and the new SiX Sensors. SiX Sensors are bi-directional, fully encrypted wireless sensors. These devices have a 300 foot operating range, update the main control panel with their battery level and other information and cannot be moved to or used by another system until they have been totally removed from programming. There is only one siren that is compatible with the Lyric Gateway, the SiX Siren. This is a wireless siren that’s part of the SiX Sensor line and shares all of the functionality previously listed. The SiX Siren has a 85 dB siren in the unit and is powered with 4 AA lithium batteries. The units batteries should last 3-5 years under normal use. In addition to a fully functional alarm siren, the SiX Siren can be used as a chime bell when some zones are faulted. The SiX Siren’s built in large LED is used to communicate low batteries, arming and disarming, alarm events and flashes during the enrollment process. In programming, each SiX Siren will occupy one security zone. Being that there are 64 security zones available on the Gateway for use, a user could technically install 64 SiX Sirens. Obviously this is very unlikely, but a user can be assured that the Gateway will be able to support the number of sirens desired.

The Lyric Gateway is manufactured with a built in WIFI communicator. The system also has an integrated Ethernet connection and an expansion slot where an AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator can be installed. Any of these communication methods can be used as the sole communication path for the system. Also, cellular can be combined with another communication path in a Dual Path setup (Cellular & WIFI or Cellular & Ethernet). With a dual communication path, if the primary path (WIFI or Ethernet) fails, the system will automatically switch to the secondary path (Cellular).

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