How Much is an Alarm Grid Security System?

An Alarm Grid Security System is the cost of the equipment, plus the user's monthly monitoring fee. These prices will depend on what type of equipment the user decides to buy and which monitoring plan is chosen. There are no hidden costs or added fees associated with Alarm Grid monitoring.

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Alarm Grid operates on a DIY model, where customers install all of their equipment themselves. We do not send any technicians out to the customer's home, and all support is provided online and over the phone. By doing this, we are able to charge zero installation and activation fees for our service. And since Alarm Grid is no-contract, a customer will never to pay any fees to cancel their service with Alarm Grid at any time if they choose to do so.

The only expenses that a customer will pay for Alarm Grid monitoring are the monthly monitoring fee and the cost of their equipment. Our monitoring plans and their monthly costs are all outlined on our alarm monitoring page. Our most popular monitoring plan is our Gold Plan at $35 per month. However, we also offer less expensive plans if a customer is willing to give up certain features and services. For more information on the monthly cost of Alarm Grid monitoring, please see this helpful FAQ.

The other cost of Alarm Grid monitoring is the price of equipment. With Alarm Grid, customers buy all of their equipment outright, and it is theirs to keep. The equipment we offer is non-proprietary, and it can be taken to a different monitoring company if desired. Additionally, Alarm Grid will takeover previously monitored equipment if we are able to do so. In other words, if a user has existing equipment that we can takeover, then their equipment cost will be $0.

But assuming that a user is starting from scratch, Alarm Grid offers several "starter kits" that include everything a new user needs to get started with home security. These kits typically include an alarm control panel, some door and window contacts, a motion sensor, a cellular communicator and a power cable. The least expensive complete kit we offer is the 2GIG GC2 Verizon LTE 3-1 Kit for $339. We also offer other kits that include different panels and additional sensors. We recommend checking out our security systems page for more options.

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