How to connect a Honeywell IS215T motion sensor?

The Honeywell IS215T PIR motion detector is very easy to install. Select a mounting location that is approximately 7.5’ high, either flat on the wall or in a corner. Remember to avoid direct sunlight, heating or cooling elements, or anything that could shift, like curtains. The cover of the IS215T snaps open so that you can screw the back of the case onto the wall. You need a four wire connection from your Honeywell alarm control panel. Two wires will connect the auxiliary 12V power circuit of your security system to the terminals marked +/- 12V power on the motion detector. Remember to observe proper polarity. The other two wires will connect the zone circuit to the terminals on the IS215T motion detector labeled 'C' & 'NC'. You can then configure the sensitivity using DIP switch SW2. In the on position, the IS215T will be in high sensitivity mode, and in the off position, the detector will be in low sensitivity mode. Make sure to walk test the IS215T after connecting and installing it to ensure that the coverage pattern is correct and the motion detector is functioning properly.

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