How do I install a 7847i on a VISTA-20P system?

A Honeywell VISTA-20P only supports phone line alarm communications out of the box. However, with the additional of an AlarmNet alarm monitoring communicator, you can upgrade the VISTA-20P with internet and/or cellular alarm communications. The Honeywell 7847i is the internet communicator for the VISTA-20P. After completing the simple installation steps, your 7847i will be ready to provide internet communications for your VISTA-20P and you will be ready to activate one of our no-contract Total Connect monitoring plans.

First, open the 7847i enclosure by pressing in the two tabs on the bottom of the device. Mount the unit to the wall using the included screws and wall anchors. Connect an Ethernet cable from your router to the Ethernet port on the 7847i. Next, use a four conductor wire to connect the 7847i to your VISTA-20P alarm control panel. You should power down your VISTA-20P security system before making these connections. Unplug your system's AC transformer and disconnect one of the leads to the backup battery. You will need to connect one wire from terminal 3 on the communicator to terminal 5 on the control panel. Then connect a wire from terminal 4 on the communicator to terminal 4 on the panel. Make a connection from terminal 5 on the 7847i to terminal 7 on the VISTA-20P and finally make the final connection from terminal 6 on the internet communicator to terminal 6 on the alarm panel.

Once you have the connections secure, put the cover back on the 7847i and power up your VISTA-20P. Your 7847i installation is complete so now all you have to do is choose the right monitoring plan for your situation.

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The Tuxedo is not a communicator. You will need an AlarmNet communicator for TC2. The 7847i is the IP only option. I would recommend the iGSMV4G since it leaves you more flexible long term to choose between IP, Cell or dual path:
If I had tuxedo WiFi control panel hooked to my alarm panel which is a Vista 20p, could I communicate via Total Connect 2.0 to a monitoring station or would I still need to connector one of the 7847i controller boards?
Okay, feel free to sign up online and we'd be happy to get you setup for Total Connect 2.0 service on our Self Bronze plan.
Yeah what I was wanting was for the system to email or text me directly we are going to be living out in the country and a dispatch of police would be almost worthless so thats why I was calling it self monitoring but the $10 plan may be my best option
A 20P with a 7847i is essentially the same as a 21iP. When you say "self monitor" what exactly do you mean? We have our Self Bronze plan for $10/month at that would provide you with Total Connect 2.0 service so you could arm/disarm remotely and receive text/email alerts from the system and it would work with either setup. You wouldn't be able to utilize the 21iP or 7847i without some level of monthly service through an alarm company though.
i am trying to decide on a 20p or 21ip can you self monitor either of these? and what is the better choice?
There is a tamper switch on the 7847i circuit board that is held down by the plastic cover so you should not remove the board from the enclosure otherwise you'll always have a tamper fault showing on your keypad. There is no way to disable the tamper feature.
Can I remove the 747i from it's case and install it in the case with my Vista 20p? This would save mounting another box on the wall.
Yes, we will assist in the process of switching over to us. We should be able to access your panel remotely once it's active, so we can get your zone list then.
Last question, if I buy the 7847i from you all and sign up for your monitoring will you assist me in switching over my monitoring. I know my units programming code but there has to be more information that you all will need, zones...etc. What is the process for all of that?
The panel as it stands now will work with the 7847i but if you want Total Connect 2.0, you would need a new PROM chip.
I looked last night and I believe the chip said 20p 5.# (can't remember exactly) Will I need a new PROM chip too for the 7847i to work.
We always recommend cellular over IP only, so you could look at the GSMV4G or iGSMV4G solutions as well. However, if you want an IP only option, the 7847i is your best bet. What revision is your 20P?
I have a 20p, I'd like to get rid of my land line phone. Is this the solution you'd recommend? With you monitoring?
No, there is no WIFI communicator for a VISTA panel. However, you can use a wireless gaming adapter plugged into the 7847i so that you don't have to run an Ethernet cable from the 7847i to your router.
instead of an ethernet wire is there a wifi solution?

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