How to wire a Honeywell IS216 motion detector?

The Honeywell IS216 PIR motion detector is a breeze to install and requires a four wire connection to the alarm control panel. Two wires will connect the alarm system’s auxiliary power supply to the terminals labeled +/- 12V on the IS216. The auxiliary power circuit is terminals 4 and 5 on most VISTA series alarm panels. The other two wires connect the terminals labeled C & NC on the IS216 motion to the selected zone circuit on your hardwired alarm system.

The Honeywell IS216 motion detector should be mounted approximately 7½’ high for optimum performance and can be mounted flat on the wall or in a corner. The back of the sensor snaps off allowing you to mount it and thread the necessary wires through the wall. Make sure to walk test your IS216 after installation to ensure that your wiring was done properly and the device is detecting motion in the intended coverage area.

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The AD12612 won't work without a transformer providing AC input power so you will need a transformer that matches the specs of the 1361 (16.5VAC, 40VA).
Can I just buy the AD12612, or do I also need to buy the transformer separately? The website seems unclear on this.
You can wire the NC/C terminals from the motion back to the internal screw terminals of the 5816 so that the motion activates, activate the 5816. However, you''ll need power to power the motion still. Typically, you'd wire the + and - terminals back to an alarm control panel that would provide the necessary power. In your case, you'll need an auxiliary power supply like the AD12612 powered by a 1361 transformer to provide power to the motion. I suggested adding a back up battery to the aux power supply setup and we have the 1240 on our site.
Great, this sounds possible. I'm following you, but not 100% as far as the wiring. You don't have a diagram, do you? Also, what can I use for an aux power supply? Is there anyway I can get around using that? I assumed since the IS216 is "passive" that it wouldn't need a power supply.
The 5800C2W has a bigger range (300' instead of 200') than the 5816 so that device may work. Otherwise, could you wire from the IS216 back to the location where the 5816 works? If so, you'd just have to add the auxiliary power supply to the 5816 location and wire the IS216 back to the aux power supply and 5816.
It's a 5816. However to get that to work, I had to move it to the other side of the door, so now the 5816 is in the same room as the panel, but other side of the door from the notion sensor I'm trying to install. Thanks for your help btw!
Ah, okay. What model number was the sensor?
I had a different wireless sensor (door open/close) in the same area where the motion detector is going, and that wasn't connecting to the panel, so I'm assuming that I'd have the same problem.
How do you know that the IS216 isn't "seeing" the panel? The IS216 is a wired motion so the panel will never "see" that device. If you wire the motion into a 5800C2W or 5816, then the panel could see one of those devices which would pass the alarm message from the motion back to the panel wirelessly, assuming the 5816 or 5800C2W is in range.
The IS216 is within 200', but is behind a wall at a weird angle, and apparently doesn't see the panel.
Do you mean the IS216 is installed out of wireless RF rang of the L5200? Typically sensors should work up to 200' from the panel and up to 400' if you use a repeater.
What if the motion sensor is in another room that doesn't see wifi/radio signal? Is the IS216 not going to work with my panel (LS5200)?
You would have to use a 5800C2W wired-to-wireless converter unit or you'd have to wire it to a 5816 sensor and use an auxiliary power supply for power for the motion.
How does it connect to a Honeywell LS5200 panel? Is this possible?

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