Is 5853 GBD compatible w/ Lyric security system?

Yes. The Honeywell 5853 wireless glass break detector is compatible with the Lyric security system. In fact, the Lyric supports all the 5800 series transmitters. Although one of the major selling points on the Lyric Controller is wireless encryption, the panel is still backward compatible to non-encrypted 5800 series devices like the 5853 GBD. If you are looking to purchase a new glass break sensor we recommend looking at the SiXGB as well. It is smaller in size and offers 256-bit AES encryption to ensure your sensor remains in contact with the Lyric. Both the 5853 and SiXGB operate with Honeywell's proprietary FlexGuard technology which listens for the low frequency noise caused by initial impact and the high frequencies associated with broken glass. Both glass breaks have a 25 foot detection radius.

Glass break detectors are great for protecting fixed panes of glass like bay windows or stained glass. They can also be a useful option for primary or secondary protection on standard casement or double hung windows. Generally we recommend installing contacts on the windows as the primary point of protection. This ensures that windows are not left open when arming and will protect against the most common types of intrusion. If you lock the windows and are concerned about an intruder smashing the window and crawling through, there are two options: motion detection and glass break detection. While motion detectors may be a bit more versatile and cover a wider area - glass breaks offer a more preventive approach. Instead of waiting for movement inside the premise the glass breaks will trip before anyone gets inside.

The most unique aspect of glass break detectors is their relation to homes with pets. Motion detectors are infamous for triggering false alarms due to activity from your dogs, cats, etc. If your animals are not confined when you arm away you will want to consider a glass break for window protection. This can eliminate false alarms caused by pets. As long as the glass break is installed properly in terms of its direction and range to the protected glass, it offers an even better solution for protecting windows in your home or business.

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