Is a Honeywell VISTA 20P Compatible w/ Already Existing Hardwire Security Systems?

No, a Honeywell VISTA 20P is not compatible with already existing hardwired security systems. Alarm panels like the VISTA 20P, do not work alongside other alarm panels. There is only one central panel per security system. However, a VISTA 20P can be used to replace an older alarm system.

Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

The Honeywell VISTA 20P is a hardwired alarm panel that is operated using an external keypad. While the keypad represents the main point of access for the system, the VISTA 20P Panel itself is usually hidden away in a metal enclosure somewhere in the building. For that reason, many users mistakenly believe that their keypad is the actual system. It's worth mentioning that it is possible to add additional keypads to a VISTA 20P System if needed. The system is capable of supporting up to eight keypads. Keep in mind though that touchscreen keypads, like the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch WIFI and the Honeywell 6280, count as advanced user interface (AUI) devices. The VISTA 20P can only support up to four AUI devices, and the Total Connect 2.0 Platform takes up one of these available slots.

However, the idea of using a VISTA 20P in conjunction with an existing security system is not feasible. Alarm systems do not interact with other alarm systems. If you had two panels in the same property, they could be considered separate systems. If you want to add an additional access point to the system, your best bet is to add a new keypad. Users should also be aware that the VISTA 20P offers support for two main partitions and a third common partition. Using partitions can be a great way to better organize your system zones and to restrict access for certain user codes to specific parts of the system. Using a second partition is kind of like having a second alarm system in one, as the zones for each partition can be controlled with their own set of assigned codes.

Additionally, the Honeywell VISTA 20P is a great system for replacing an older hardwired panel. This can be good for unlocking new features, such as gaining access to Total Connect 2.0. In this scenario, the old panel will be removed entirely, and the existing sensors will wire-in directly with the VISTA 20P. So while a Honeywell VISTA 20P will not work alongside an existing hardwired system, it can certainly be used to replace an old one.

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