Is the 5818MNL compatible with 2Gig Go!Control?

Yes the Honeywell 5818MNL is compatible with the 2GIG GoControl alarm control panel. The GoControl is a wireless security system that comes equipped with a 345MHz RF receiver. Out of the box the panel supports any 5800 series wireless security sensor. This includes and is not limited to the 5818MNL. This sensor is a wireless recessed door contact that requires a 3/4 inch diameter hole to be drilled into the door frame. The magnet requires a 3/8 inch diameter and 1/2 inch deep hole in the door itself.

Recessed door contacts are a great way to hide sensors from view and secure them in a way that they cannot be tampered with. Confirm the door manufacturer's warranty information before drilling into the door. In some cases, drilling into your door can void its warranty. In this case, you may want to consider the popular Honeywell 5811 slim, surface-mount contact.

The 5818MNL in particular is a robust sensor that when paired with a steel door magnet can serve as a legitimate, wireless steel door contact. The 5818MNL should be within 200 feet (maximum) of the control panel in order for it to reliably communicate. There is a 2 year manufacturers warranty on all Honeywell sensors.

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