Is an L5100 compatible with 5800 series sensors?

Yes! The L5100 version of the LYNX Touch is compatible with Honeywell’s entire 5800 line of wireless sensors. You can use any 5800 Series wireless device with the L5100 alarm control panel, or with any other LYNX series security system.

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You can try a hard reset. Remove the battery and transformer and then power back up. If that doesn't work, there is nothing else that can be done.
on a separate note how many 5186 sensors can be added on the L5100?
are there any troubleshooting methods you recommend
No, I believe you have a bad unit and should contact your seller for a replacement. Honeywell equipment should carry a 2-year warranty.
it says " file system is corrupted system is not working properly" is there some way I can so a factory reset
I'm not familiar with the 5816LP part number? Are you outside of North America? If so, you'd have to check with a local Honeywell company in your country to verify compatibility.
What is the error?
im experiencing a file system error with the l5100. any help?
can the 5816lp wireless transmitters replaceable by the 5816WMWH

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