Is the Honeywell Lyric Security System Compatible w/ Apple HomeKit?

Yes, the Honeywell Lyric security system is compatible with Apple HomeKit. By pairing a Lyric Controller with Apple HomeKit, a user can control their security system just by voicing commands to SIRI. Overall, Apple HomeKit makes it super easy and convenient to operate a Lyric Controller.

Apple HomeKit is an application that allows users to operate certain devices by making voice commands through SIRI on their iOS devices. Honeywell has made it possible for their Lyric Controller to be operated using this application. Since all of the signals are sent using WIFI, a user can even use Apple HomeKit to manage their Lyric system while they are away from home. However, a HomeKit Hub is needed to do this. Please see this guide for more information about using Apple HomeKit with a Lyric Controller.

Complete the following steps to pair a Lyric Controller with Apple HomeKit:

1. Install the latest firmware. A Lyric Controller will need to have the latest firmware version installed in order to interface with Apple HomeKit. Making a firmware update on a Lyric Controller is very easy. From the home screen, go to Security > Tools > enter installer code (default is 4112) > Update Firmware. The Update Firmware button will grey-out, indicating that it was selected. Next, return to the home screen by pressing the picture of the house on the front of the panel. If the system was not already on the latest firmware, it will soon reboot. It is also possible to update the firmware by contacting the monitoring company and having them manually run a firmware update to the panel.

2. Download Apple Homekit. On an iOS device that is running iOS Version 10 or higher, download the Apple HomeKit App from the App Store. The app can be downloaded for free, and it is identified by a white background with a yellow house in the middle. It will simply be titled "Home".

3. Connect to WIFI. Both the iOS device and the Lyric Controller must be connected to the same WIFI network in order for the system to integrate with the HomeKit application. Make sure that both the iOS device and the Lyric Controller are on the same WIFI network, and that Bluetooth is enabled on the iOS device before continuing.

4. Integrate into HomeKit. From the HomeKit App, select the + symbol in the upper-right corner. Then choose "Add Accessory". Next, choose the option for "Don't Have a Code or Can't Scan", which is located at the bottom. Assuming that the Lyric Controller has not been previously set up with HomeKit and that it is on the same WIFI network as the iOS device, the Lyric Controller should be displayed on the screen under "Nearby Accessories". It will be titled with a name that starts with "LyricAIO". The HomeKit code for the Lyric will need to be entered.

On the Lyric Controller, enter in the Master Code for the system on the keypad when prompted. The default Master Code is 1234, but this is usually changed by the end user. Once the Master Code has been entered, an 8-digit code will be displayed on the Lyric. Take the 8-digit code that is provided, and enter it into the HomeKit App where indicated. The pairing process will begin automatically. The Lyric Controller will return to its home screen once complete.

However, if the Lyric Controller has been previously set up with HomeKit, the system's HomeKit settings will need to be reset before the 8-digit code can be obtained. To reset HomeKit on the Lyric Controller, start by going to the home screen of the system. Then go to Security > Tools > enter in Master Code (default is 1234) > Advanced > Reset HomeKit. Then follow the steps above to pair the Lyric Controller with HomeKit.

After the Lyric Controller has been paired with HomeKit, the user can follow the steps outlined in the HomeKit App to finish setting up their devices.

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