Is the Tuxedo Touch WIFI Enabled?

No, the original Tuxedo Touch is not WIFI enabled. However, it can still access the network using a hardwired ethernet connection to your router. There is also the Tuxedo Touch WIFI, which includes all of the features of the original Tuxedo Touch, along with added WIFI capability.

The primary purpose of a Tuxedo Touch is to serve as a keypad for a hardwired security panel. Its colorful touchscreen can make it a more appealing option than a standard keypad. The Tuxedo Touch also features a built-in Z-Wave controller, allowing you to incorporate Z-Wave home automation devices into your setup. By creating rules and scenes on the Tuxedo Touch, you can have Z-Wave devices trigger automatically when certain events occur, such as when you disarm your panel or activate a motion sensor.

In order to get the most out of your Tuxedo Touch, you will need to connect it to the internet. Since the original Tuxedo Touch does not support a WIFI connection, you will use a hardwired ethernet connection instead. This can be done by simply running an ethernet cable from your router to the Tuxedo Touch Keypad. Please be aware that the Tuxedo Touch cannot be used to send alarm signals to Total Connect or to an alarm monitoring company on behalf of the panel; you will still need an alarm communicator, such as the IGSMV4G, for that purpose.

If a WIFI connection is strongly preferred over an ethernet connection, then a Tuxedo Touch WIFI should be purchased instead. The Tuxedo Touch WIFI includes all of the features and functions of the original Tuxedo Touch, plus added WIFI capabilities. Remember, since the Tuxedo Touch WIFI is not a standalone system, your panel will still need an IP communicator or a cellular communicator in order to receive monitoring service.

Once your Tuxedo Touch is connected to the internet and your alarm system has been activated with monitoring service using its AlarmNet communicator, you will be able to access the Total Connect service. Using this service, you can control all of your Z-Wave devices, remotely arm and disarm your system and check the status of your system, all from one convenient platform. An alarm monitoring plan that includes Total Connect is required to use the service.

The video below gives an overview of the features offered by the Tuxedo Touch:

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