Is there a Tilt Sensor Compatible w/ the Interlogix Simon XT?

Yes, there is a tilt sensor compatible with the Interlogix Simon XT. Any tilt sensor that operates at a wireless frequency of 319.5 MHz will interface with the Simon XT System. The most prominent of these devices is the Interlogix TX-E401 Tilt Sensor. The Qolsys IQ Tilt-S can also be used.

A tilt sensor is a type of security sensor that is used by an alarm system to determine when a garage door has been opened. This type of sensor functions by recognizing when a change in its positioned angle has occurred. The tilt sensor is installed at the top of a garage door on the inside. When the garage door is closed, the sensor will be at a 90-degree (vertical) position to the ground. But once the garage door is opened, the sensor will become tilted to a 45-degree (horizontal) position. This change in position will cause the sensor to activate. When this happens, the sensor will send a signal to the alarm system. This will let the alarm system know that the garage door has been opened. The system will then perform the programmed response for the zone. For a Simon XT System, the programmed response is referred to as the Group Number. An entire list of possible Group Numbers for a Simon XT System can be found on pages 8-10 of the Simon XT Installation Manual.

In order for a tilt sensor to work with an alarm system, it must be able to communicate with the panel. In the case of the Simon XT, the system accepts signals at a frequency of 319.5 MHz. Any un-encrypted wireless tilt sensor that communicates at the 319.5 MHz frequency will be able to interface with the Simon XT System. Both GE/Interlogix and Qolsys wireless sensors communicate at this particular frequency. And both these manufacturers produce a tilt sensor.

The Interlogix tilt sensor is known as the Interlogix TX-E401. However, it may also be sold under the GE brand name. Both the Interlogix TX-E401 and the GE TX-E401 refer to the same product. Meanwhile, Qolsys produces the Qolsys IQ Tilt-S, which also operates at the 319.5 MHz frequency. This sensor can similarly interface with the Interlogix Simon XT System.

For more information on which wireless sensors can be used with Interlogix Alarm Systems, please review the IQ Panel Sensor Compatibility List. These sensors will also interface with the Simon XT.

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