2GIG SMKT8e-345 Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I Getting Supervision Trouble on My 2GIG eSeries Sensor?
If a 2GIG eSeries Sensor is taken out of wireless range and/or programmed with an incorrect Equipment Code, then supervision trouble will occur. Learn about 2GIG eSeries Sensors.

Can I Add a Smoke Detector to My 2GIG Alarm System?
Wireless 345 MHz smoke detectors can easily be added to a 2GIG Alarm System. There are compatible smoke detectors from Honeywell and 2GIG. Learn about smoke detectors.

What Is the Maximum Temperature a 2GIG Smoke Detector Can Withstand?
The operating temperature for a 2GIG Smoke Detector ranges from -40°F to 100°F. Prolonged exposure outside this range can result in damage. Learn about 2GIG Smoke Detectors.