What Is the Maximum Temperature a 2GIG Smoke Detector Can Withstand?

The maximum temperature a 2GIG Smoke Detector can withstand is 100°F. Prolonged exposure to higher temperatures could result in damage to the device. You must also keep in mind that extreme high or low temperatures may result in the sensor activating and triggering an alarm on the system.

2gig smkt3 345 wireless smoke heat and freeze detector

When it comes to 2GIG Smoke Detectors, the maximum temperature that one of these sensors can withstand is determined by its listed operating temperature. The operating temperature can be found in the manual for the device. Most 2GIG Smoke Detectors have an operating temperature that ranges from -40°F to 100°F. Exposing one of these devices to a temperature outside this range may result in damage.

You should keep in mind that most 2GIG Smoke Detectors also offer heat detection function, and some offer freeze detection as well. If the temperature rises too high, then a fire alarm will be triggered on your system. This will not happen unless there is a fire, as the minimum temperature needed to activate a 2GIG Heat Sensor will only be present during a fire. Conversely, if the device includes a freeze detection function and the temperature drops too low, then your 2GIG Smoke Detector will alert the system and trigger a trouble condition or an auxiliary alarm, depending on the programming settings for the zone.

As the 2GIG SMKT2-345 Smoke and Heat Detector and the 2GIG SMKT3-345 Smoke, Heat, and Freeze Detector have both been discontinued, the only remaining smoke detectors from 2GIG as of May 2020 are the 2GIG SMKT8-345 Smoke, Heat, and Freeze Detector and the 2GIG SMKT8e-345 Encrypted Smoke, Heat, Freeze Detector. The thresholds needed to activate the discontinued sensors are the same as the current models, though the older models may not offer rate-of-rise heat detector and/or freeze detection.

The low-temperature threshold needed to trigger a freeze zone trouble/alarm on the system for the 2GIG SMKT8-345 and 2GIG SMKT8e-345 is 40°F, and the zone is restored at 45°F. The high-temperature threshold needed to trigger a heat zone alarm on the system for the 2GIG SMKT8-345 and 2GIG SMKT8e-345 is 134°F or fixed temperature, and an increase of 15°F or more in a single minute with a fixed temperature of at least 104°F for rate-of-rise. Please note that this sensor may misjudge the current temperature by +/- 4°F.

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