What battery does the Honeywell 5802WXT-2 use?

If you have the Honeywell 5802WXT-2 wireless dual button medical alert, you will need to replace the included battery every 4-7 years. The time in between new batteries will depend on how often you activate your 5802WXT-2 wireless transmitter. If you remove the (4) screws from the cover of your wireless medical alert device, you will see that there is a 3V lithium coin cell battery installed. Make sure to use a comparable 2032 3V lithium coin cell battery with your 5802WXT-2. You should insert the new CR2032 coin cell battery with the '+' side facing up. You will need to slide the edge of the battery under the gold tab to seat the battery properly. With the new 2032 3V coin cell lithium battery installed, simply reattach the 5802WXT-2 cover using the (4) screws and your battery replacement will be complete.

You will know when you need to replace the CR2032 battery inside your 5802WXT-2 wireless medical alert because a low battery signal will be generated at your alarm keypad(s). If your Honeywell wireless security system is monitored by Alarm Grid's central station, the low battery signal will also be reported to the central station operators so that they notify you of the low battery. You'll notice that on your alarm keypad, the (2) digit zone number assigned to your 5802WXT-2 will be displayed along with the low battery message. The low battery message should eventually clear on its own once you have installed a fresh CR2032 battery. If your 5802WXT-2 is programmed as an 'RF' input type, the low battery signal will clear upon the next successful supervision check-in signal. If your 5802WXT-2 is unsupervised, you should activate the device to force clear the low battery trouble message. Of course, if your system is monitored, you should place your account on test before activating your medical alert device to avoid a false alarm.

In the Honeywell 5802WXT-2 wireless medical alert installation guide, it states that a Panasonic or SENER CR2032 3V coin cell lithium battery must be used with all ETL installations.

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