Rules vs Scenes on LYNX 5100

When most users first start programming Z-Wave home automation on your Honeywell L5100, they get confused between all the different Z-Wave terms like scenes vs rules.

The easiest way to think about it is a scene is a set of Z-Wave actions all tied together, such all of your lights off and your thermostat set to 78 degrees. Let's say we called that scene "left house."

Now how do you want to trigger that scene? You could manually click it on your phone via Total Connect (if you have remote home automation) or directly on your panel and you could be done with just a scene. No rule needed.

So what are rules? Rules are a set of conditions that can trigger your scenes. So now let's say we want to trigger that scene, "left house," whenever we arm the system away.

Enter rules. Now you can create a rule that is triggered by the event of a system arming away and it can trigger the "left house" scene.

Make sense? If not, please let us know in the comments and we'll further tweak our rules vs scenes on the Honeywell LYNX 5100 FAQ!

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Ok, thanks for your help ;-)
Unfortunately, the system doesn't support that type of conditional logic. You would have to manually turn off the rule at the times you don't want it to run.
Exactly. I've created a rule that play when we get in the house while it's Arm. The thing is that I don't want that rule to run in the middle of the afternoon. Thanks for your advice. :-)
You aren't able to setup a Rule to run only during certain times. What is your end goal? Perhaps we can advise you on a different way to set it up.
Hello. Have you any way to get it work? That's exactly what I'm trying to do but, I can figure out how... Thanks!
Oh - and, yes, that is exactly one scenario I am trying to program - turning lights on upon entering the house, but only at night.
Thanks for helping, Julia. I was able to enter both a start and stop time for a schedule calling a rule with a scene that had switches assigned. Unfortunately, however, the rule ran regardless of the actual time. So I clearly don't understand how the rule type in a schedule work yet. Will keep trying!
John, I apologize, I may have led you down the primrose path on this. When I was testing this, I assigned a Scene to a Rule and the Rule to a Schedule, but what I didn't do was assign any devices to my Scene. Currently I only have Switches and Locks. When I assigned a switch to my scene, then this scene to my rule and tried to schedule the rule, it only gave me the option for a start time, no stop time (before, with no device selected, I was given a start and a stop time). Which means, at the start time, it runs the rule, which runs the scene, which turns the light on. I assume what you're trying to do is have a light come on as you enter the house, so you don't come in in the dark, but only have it happen at night. So far, I haven't come up with a way to make this happen either, but I'll keep trying, and if I come up with something, I'll let you know.
Thanks, Julia. So - is there a trick to this? I set up a schedule with type set to rule and set a start and end time. Made a rule to run a scene on an entry delay. Set up a scene to execute. Ensured the rule name was called out in the schedule. And - the rule seems to execute regardless of whether the time is inside or outside of the schedule start and end times. I must be missing something....any help would be greatly appreciated!
Sorry John! I thought I put that part in there too. Yes, it would mean the scheduled Rule would only run if it occurs within that scheduled time.
Thanks, Julia - that explains why those selections are not available to me. On the first question - what does it mean when you select "Rules" as the type for a schedule? Does the system only run that rule during the time entered?
Hi John, The L5200/L7000 share an installation guide, but there are a few things the L5200 supports that the L7000 does not. One of those is the option to do a Disarm Notification schedule. This feature is also sometimes called the "Latch Key Report" feature. It was often used by parents to alert them if their children didn't come home and disarm the system within a certain time window. The use of this feature requires the panel to support a phone line, and the L7000 does not, however the L5200 does, so this may be why you saw it mentioned in the documentation. I believe you do not have the option for "Auto Night Stay" in scheduling because you do not yet have any zones programmed for the Night Stay feature. The night stay feature, if enabled for a motion detector, allows that motion to be armed/active, when the system is armed in the Night Stay Mode. If you enable this feature for a motion zone, then attempt to arm Stay, you'll see that you have the option to choose either Stay Mode, or Night Stay mode. Stay mode will bypass all interior zone types. Night Stay will bypass all but those motions who have Night Stay enabled.
On the L7000 What does it mean when you select "Rules" as the type for a schedule? Does the system only run that rule during the time entered? Also, the manual shows that there should be 6 different types of schedules - None, Auto Night Stay, Auto Stay, Rules, Disarm Notification and Scene - mine only shows the options of None, Auto Stay, Rules and Scene. Why - and what are Auto Night Stay and Disarm Notification for?
Unfortunately, the LYNX Touch doesn't support that type of rule setup. However, if you are using the 5877 relay and you have a sensor on the garage door programmed to one of the garage door zones (46-48), you can use the Close in/Close at feature to have the door automatically close at a certain time or after a certain time.
Is there any way to program a delay into a rule? For example I want it to close my garage door, but I want it to do it 10 minutes after I arm-away.

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