What Are the Best Features for the Lyric Alarm System?

The best features for the Lyric Alarm System are its compatibility with Apple HomeKit, its integrated WIFI, and its ability to be used with Total Connect 2.0. The panel has so many nice features that it's difficult to choose the "best" ones. This makes the Lyric a very versatile system.

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The best way to understand what makes the Lyric so great is to just go through its features one by one and discuss them individual. Starting with the basics, the Lyric is a wireless all-in-one panel that features a 7-inch touchscreen display and support for 128 wireless zones. The large, colorful display screen makes it easy to use and navigate. And the system can be reliably used in a large home or business with its large number of zones.

The feature that really stands out of the Lyric is its ability to be used with Apple HomeKit. The Lyric is one of the very few security systems on the market today to offer a HomeKit integration. An iOS user can link the Lyric System with their HomeKit network and control the system through Siri voice commands. Note that a HomeKit Hub is needed to create automations and operate the system remotely. A HomeKit Hub can include an iPad, HomePod, or Apple TV Gen 4 or higher.

The Lyric is also praised for its built-in WIFI. This allows it to connect with the Resideo AlarmNet servers for monitoring service right out of the box, with no additional add-ons. By signing-up for a compatible alarm monitoring plan, you can connect the system with Total Connect 2.0 for remote operation and control. You can access the TC2 platform from pretty much anywhere using your smartphone. Total Connect 2.0 also makes the system compatible with Amazon Alexa for spoken voice commands.

Another feature for the Lyric is its built-in Z-Wave controller. This allows you to pair various smart home automation devices with the system. You can then control these devices from both the Lyric Panel and from Total Connect 2.0. It is even possible to create smart scenes so that your smart home devices and your Lyric System activate automatically with certain predetermined events and/or a set schedule. This can really make your life more convenient, and it can help you cut down on energy costs.

One less mentioned feature for the system involves Lyric Voice Commands. The Lyric has a built-in microphone so that you can activate programmed smart scenes using voice commands. This is also possible through Amazon Alexa, but the Lyric Voice Commands can be set up with no extra hardware. Many Lyric users also appreciate the system's built-in camera, which can be used to take disarm photos for security purposes. We also want to briefly mention the system's compatibility with If This Then That (IFTTT), which opens up the door for a variety of other applications.

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