What Does a Go!Bridge Do?

A Go!Bridge connects a 2GIG GC2 System to a WIFI network. This way, the system can speak with the Alarm.com Servers through a WIFI connection. Communicating with Alarm.com is necessary for getting a GC2 System monitored. However, this is more commonly done through a cellular connection.

2gig cp21 345 front

Out of the box, the 2GIG GC2 comes with no real communicator. It is very important that one is added so that the system can be used for alarm monitoring. Remember, for the GC2, all outbound signals will need to pass through the Alarm.com servers before they can be forwarded to a central monitoring station or to the end user directly. One way to do this is with a 2GIG Go!Bridge IP Communicator. The Go!Bridge will connect with the user's WIFI router using a hardwired ethernet connection. The GC2 System will then communicate with the Go!Bridge using a 2GIG XCVR2-345 900 MHz Transceiver. This module must be purchased separately and installed inside the GC2.

The biggest reason to use a Go!Bridge IP Communicator is for a dual-path setup that features cellular and IP connectivity for enhanced reliability. If you need an initial communication path for a GC2 System, the best option is to usually add a cellular communicator first. Cellular communication is more reliable than IP connectivity, as cellular service is unaffected by power outages and rarely goes down or becomes unavailable. Although IP speeds are still slightly faster than most cellular connections, this makes very little difference for alarm monitoring. Because of the benefits, adding a cellular communicator usually takes priority over adding a Go!Bridge. However, a user can add both a Go!Bridge and a cellular communicator for a dual-path setup with both WIFI and cellular. A good cellular communicator to use with the GC2 System is the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2 Alarm.com Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator.

It's also important to remember that a user will not save any money in monthly monitoring fees by going with a strictly IP connection for their GC2, instead of a cellular connection or a dual-path connection. Unlike the Total Connect 2.0 service from Honeywell, Alarm.com does not offer a discount for using IP connectivity only. A user with Alarm.com will pay the same amount for a cellular connection as they would for an IP connection. And since cellular connectivity is more reliable, a user will typically either go cellular-only or get a dual-path setup if they want to use ADC. This is not always the case for TC2 users, who may go IP-only in effort to cut-down on monitoring costs. Total Connect 2.0 will not work with the GC2, so that is irrelevant for GC2 users. But it can be helpful for understanding why a standalone IP connection is almost never used for a 2GIG GC2, or any Alarm.com System for that matter. Meanwhile, any TC2 user with a strictly-IP connection should keep in mind that they face a higher risk of signal loss by foregoing a more reliable cellular connection.

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