What does a honeywell 702 siren sound like?

The Honeywell 702 self contained siren can be wired to produce a Warble or Steady tone.

The Honeywell 702 is a self contained siren unit. It does not need an additional siren driver and can be wired directly to the alarm panel it will be interfacing with. The siren is constructed with weatherproof, tamper resistant, high impact grade plastic. A Honeywell 955WH plunger can be installed into the base of the unit to provide tamper protection. In the event that the unit was removed from its mounting location this tamper switch will open and can be programmed to set off a tamper alarm. The unit can be powered with a 6 or 12 volt power source. The current draw for the unit is 400 mA at 6 VDC or 1.2 Amps at 12 VDC. The unit can produce tones upto 118dB making it one of the loudest alarm sirens Honeywell has produced.

The Honeywell 702 can be wired to an alarm system in different configurations with its three colored wires - Yellow, Red and White. The Yellow and Red are both positive wires, the White is negative. The functionality of the panel that the siren is attaching to will determine which configuration the siren should be wired in. For example on most Vista panels there is only one bell output. The Vista 20P provides a steady output for burglary alarms and pulses the bell output voltage for fire alarms, producing a 3 pulse temporal tone. For these and other panels that have similar bell output functionality, a user will want to install the siren in the steady configuration, thus providing a steady tone for burglary alarms, and a temporal pulsing output for fire/. For panels that simply provide a steady bell output, a user can use either the steady or warble configuration.

By default if wired with the Yellow and White wires, and provided with a steady output, the unit will produce a Steady tone. When wired with the Red and White wires, and provided with a steady output, the unit will produce a Warble Tone. If the alarm panel has two bell outputs the siren can have one positive wire connect to each bell output. In this fashion the unit will produce a steady or warble sound depending on which bell output is activate. If both Steady and Warble are receiving voltage, the 702 will default to the steady sound. Wiring instructions can be found in the sirens installation instructions and on the back of the unit.

Unit Specifications:

Voltage : 6 or 12 Volts DC

Current Draw: 400 mA at 6 volts DC 1.2 A at 12 volts DC

Sound Output: 118 dB

Dimensions: Height 5 ¾’’ x Length 9 ¼’’ x Width 8’’

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