What Does a Honeywell ACU Do?

The Honeywell ACU allows a user with analog cameras to convert their signals to a digital output, which can be viewed in Total Connect 2.0, on Lynx Touch and Lyric screens, and on the Tuxedo keypad. This adds new features to old equipment, and prevents replacement of working equipment.

Traditionally, Total Connect 2.0 and the Lynx Touch and Lyric panels only support video viewing, remotely and locally respectively, using the Honeywell IPCAM series of cameras. The Tuxedo keypad can support these cameras, as well as a variety of third party options. The ACU allows customers with existing analog, non-IP cameras to interface with these products rather than having to buy all new cameras.

The ACU supports either a wired ethernet connection to the network, or a wireless connection using WPS. Here's a rundown of what you'll see on the Front of the ACU.

  • Reset/WPS button: Used to set the ACU back to factory default (when held for 12 seconds), which will clear any WPS information, and require that the ACU be re-joined to the wireless network. Also used as the WPS button (when pressed and released) to join the ACU to a network using WPS.
  • Video In: The analog camera connects to the ACU through the Video In port on the front. This port accepts an NTSC BNC style connector.
  • Video Out: Additionally, in the event this camera formerly connected directly to a video monitor, the ACU also offers a Video Out port. Use another BNC connector to connect this port to the input on the monitor. When using Video Out, be sure the 75Ω Off switch is in the UP position.
  • Line Out: Currently, not used
  • Line/MIC in: Currently, not used
  • Network LED: Steady green indicates the LAN connection is detected and active. Blinking green indicates data is being transferred.
  • Active LED: When blinking, this indicates the ACU's camera is being viewed through the network. When off, it indicates the ACU's Camera is not being viewed.
  • Power: Will blink for up to 2 minutes during initial power up. Once powered completely up, will go steady, and remain steady as long as power is present.

On the back of the ACU, you'll see the following:

  • Antenna Port: Connect one of the supplied antennae, if using as a wired to wireless converter.
  • Ethernet Port: Connect an RJ45 connector here, if you plan to use a hardwired network connection. Connect the other end to a port on a router or switch connected to the network.
  • GPIO Connector: Not used
  • Power: Connect the power cable provided here, connect the other end to a standard wall outlet. Allow 2 minutes for the ACU to boot up prior to attempting to join the network via WIFI.
  • Antenna Port: Connect the second of the supplied antennae, if using as a wired to wireless converter.

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