What Does IP Fault Time Setting Do On a Honeywell Lyric Security System?

The IP Fault Time Setting on a Honeywell Lyric Security System lets you know if there was an internet outage that lasted longer than a set amount of time. Normally, the option is disabled by being set to the default selection of 00. Your alarm company can change the setting from AlarmNet360.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

Having the internet go down can be very troubling for an alarm system. This is especially true if you don't have a cellular backup. If the system has no available communication path, then alarm monitoring service cannot function properly. By using the IP Fault Time Setting, you can stay informed about any time your Lyric System was disconnected from the network and not actively connected with the AlarmNet Servers.

To access the IP Fault Time Setting, start from the main screen of the panel with the system disarmed. Choose Security > Tools > Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > Communicator > down arrow > WIFI Fault Time (min). Please note that the down arrow will only be available if you have the Communication Path set as WIFI or WIFI & Cellular on the previous page. The option will not be available if WIFI is disabled.

You will notice that the IP Fault Time Setting is greyed out and cannot be changed from the panel. This is because it is set from AlarmNet360 by the user's alarm monitoring company. You can only view the current setting from the panel. You must contact your alarm monitoring company and ask them to change the setting from their end.

The IP Fault Time is set in terms of minutes. The selection determines the number of minutes that the WIFI must be down for a 950 Comm Trouble condition to occur. For example, if IP fault time is set to 60, and the WIFI goes down for 61 minutes, then the trouble condition will occur. But if the WIFI only goes down for 59 minutes, then no trouble condition will appear. The option can be set from 00 to 99. Setting it to 00 will disable the option. The option is disabled by default.

Please note that the 950 Comm Trouble condition will only appear on the panel if WIFI is set as the only communication path. If cellular backup is enabled, then IP loss will not appear on the panel. However, if the cellular path is available, the monitoring station will receive an E350 Communication Path Failure on Zone 951, which is the primary path. The panel will only display a trouble condition if no cellular communication path is available as a backup.

If you get a 950 Comm Trouble condition, the problem is easy to fix. Simply restore the WIFI connection, and then provide the system Master Code to clear the trouble. If the WIFI is still down, you can silence the beeping by pressing any key on the panel.

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