What Does the Reset/WPS Button On a Honeywell ACU Do?

The Honeywell ACU's reset button can be used to reset Factory Defaults, when pressed and held for 12 seconds, or it can be used to join the ACU to a WIFI network, via WPS, when pressed and released. The button is recessed, and requires a paper clip, or similar device, to access it.

WPS, also known as WIFI Protected Setup, allows devices such as the ACU, which have no display screen or keyboard, to join securely to the user's wireless network. This feature is available to users on some routers. WPS is available on devices that support WPA and WPA2, however, it is not available for WEP wireless security protocols. If the user's router does not support WPS, they can easily add a WAP-Plus to their WIFI network. The WAP-Plus connects via ethernet cable to a port on the router. In addition to providing WPS access for wireless devices, it has 3 ports available, which behave like a switch. Once the WAP-Plus is connected to the user's WIFI network, it has its own WPS button, which allows the WAP-Plus to pair with the ACU and connect it securely to the existing network.

If the user's ACU malfunctions, or if an ACU is being moved from one network to another, it may need to be reset to factory defaults. It is best for the user to work with their alarm dealer or installer to determine whether or not the ACU requires a default. If the ACU has been associated with a Total Connect 2.0 account, and must be defaulted, then the user's alarm dealer will need to remove the ACU from the TC2 account. Their alarm dealer has to add the user's ACU again, and then the ACU will need to be joined to the WIFI network through WPS once more.

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