What Happens if the 2GIG Edge Loses A/C Power?

If the 2GIG Edge loses A/C power, then the system will revert to its battery backup. The backup battery is designed to keep the 2GIG Edge powered on for up to 24 hours, assuming that the battery has a full charge. This battery is expected to last five (5) years before needing replacement.

Like most alarm systems, the 2GIG Edge has two (2) sources of power. The primary power source comes from an AC outlet and is provided by a plug-in transformer. For the 2GIG Edge, this transformer is called the 2GIG AC1. It is rated at 14VDC, 1.7Ah. Since it provides DC power, you must observe proper polarity. One wire, typically the red wire, will be used for positive (+) power. The other wire, usually the black wire, will be used for negative (-) power. Mixing up these wires can result in damage to the system, so you want to be very careful. Assuming that the panel is not being used in a location where electrical outages are very frequent, you should expect the 2GIG Edge to run on primary power for the vast majority of the time. Never plug the panel transformer into an outlet controlled by a wall switch.

However, when primary power loss does occur (usually due to an electrical outage in the area or the transformer being unplugged from the outlet) the 2GIG Edge System will automatically switch over to its backup battery power. When this first happens, the outlet icon on the top bar will have a slash through it to let you know that the power is out. Also, you will get a message letting you know that AC power loss has occurred. This message will only appear for a few seconds before it disappears. When the system is running on battery power without AC power, the touchscreen will stay illuminated for a much shorter time period than usual. The 2GIG Edge can remain running on battery power for upwards of 24 hours, provided that the battery has a full charge when AC power loss begins. Once the battery gets below a certain threshold, the system will power down entirely and will stay that way until AC power is restored. It does this to prevent a deep discharge of the battery.

Like any backup battery, the 2GIG Edge Backup Battery has a limited lifespan. This is because it very slowly loses its ability to store a charge over a gradual period of time. It will eventually reach a point where the battery cannot adequately hold a charge. At this point, it will begin to fail the periodic load test the panel puts it through. When this first happens, the 2GIG Edge will display a low-battery warning to let you know that it is time to replace the battery. This may show up intermittently at first, but eventually, you will see a low battery message that will not clear. It will eventually reach a point where the battery will not be able to keep the panel running for any period of time, and any AC power loss will result in the system powering down entirely.

If you notice a low-battery condition, then you should try giving the system 24 hours while running on AC power to see if the low-battery condition clears. It could just be that there was a recent power outage, and the battery hasn't had a chance to recharge yet. If the condition does not clear after 24 hours of the system running on AC power, and you know it has been about five (5) years since the last battery replacement, then it's likely that you need to replace the system's backup battery. You will need to open up the panel to remove the old battery and swap-in the new one. The new battery should work with the 2GIG Edge System for approximately five years.

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