What Happens To an L7000 When Internet Goes Down?

A lot of people choose the internet for communication for an alarm system. Most of the time this is a very reliable means of communication. However, if the occasion arises and the internet goes down, the alarm panel will also lose communication. This means, no alarm signals will be sent to a monitoring station an no alerts to a cell phone via email or text messages in the event of any alarm events taking place. During the time the internet is down, the Lynx L7000 touch screen will display a message “103 Comm Trouble”. This normally will correct itself once the internet comes back up. If the trouble message still appears after the internet is working, arm the system then disarm the system to remove the message.

Losing internet connection and losing the ability to having a communicating system, is concerning for most. To relieve this concern a cell communicator, the GSMVLP5-4G which is compatible with the Lynx Touch L7000, can be installed as a back up. Installing a cell communicator will provide dual communication.

The first path of communication would be the internet, if a signal did not go through the cell communicator would send the signal. The GSMVLP5-4G cell communicator works off AT&T cell towers providing a second way of communicating.

The Lynx Touch L7000 is one of Honeywell’s most innovative alarm panels. It’s large color 7 (seven) inch touch screen with graphic icons makes it very user friendly. Provide the ability to communicate by Wifi, Cell Communicators and ZWAVE capabilities.

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OK so sounds like the system can not do both of my requests. First have total connect notify me if my IP adapter goes down and secondly not alarm outloud on panel if it losses IP.
The Total Connect phone line trouble message only occurs if you have phone line monitor option enabled. That merely tells you if there is a phone line with proper voltage connected to the panel's phone terminals. It would not cause a message if your IP or GSM communicator goes offline. Setting it to 0 will not show any troubles locally at the panel and you'd have to rely on your central station to let you know that your system is offline.
Thank you. I would like to see it on the display and would get notified by Total Connect if I enable the loss of phone line correct? I just do not want the alarm to beep for this on panel as it may excite my dog too much if this happens and I am not home. Is this possible or If i put this to 0 it will not display or notify me in total connect?
Yes, it's the IP Fault or GSM Fault time in the Communicator section of programming. Setting those values to zero will stop the 103 trouble beeps. However, as the 103 means that your system has no communication path, we recommend leaving the faults activated so you know when your system is offline.
is there a way to disable buzzer if I get a 103 on panel of the l7000?

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