What Is the AIG Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The AIG Homeowner's Insurance Discount given for owning an alarm system is state specific. Location plays a huge role in determining the extent of the home insurance discount provided from AIG. Another important consideration is the type of alarm monitoring that the homeowner receives.

According to AIG, the possible insurance premium discounts that the company offers are state specific. Homeowners in certain states can expect to receive larger insurance premium discounts than homeowners in other states. Additionally, homeowners in some states may not apply for discounts from AIG at all. We recommend checking with AIG to find out what type of discount you can receive in your state.

Besides location, there are also other factors that are used to determine one's insurance discount. The type of alarm monitoring that the homeowner receives also plays a big role. AIG says that they provide stacked discounts based on the type of alarm monitoring that is provided. A homeowner will receive discounts from AIG for having fire protection, flood protection, carbon monoxide protection and burglary protection (motion sensors, door and window contacts, glass breaks).

AIG also mandates that any customer who receives an insurance discount must have central station monitoring from a UL-Listed central station. Criticom, the central station partner of Alarm Grid, meets this standard. Self-monitored customers cannot receive a homeowner's insurance discount from AIG based on their security system. For more information, please review our Monitoring Page.

Finally, AIG will provide larger discounts for customers who receive cellular monitoring, as opposed to IP monitoring. This is because cellular communication is the most reliable communication path for a security system. The Gold and Platinum level plans from Alarm Grid include cellular monitoring. AIG also states that having video surveillance cameras will not result in a larger security discount. However, the use of security cameras is still recommended, due to the numerous benefits that they provide.

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