What is the Best Alarm Keypad for a VISTA 20P?

The best alarm keypad for a VISTA 20P is the Honeywell 6160RF. This is an excellent keypad for arming and disarming a security system, and it allows an end user to make easy programming changes. The 6160RF also includes a built-in wireless receiver so that wireless sensors can be used.

The 6160RF is an alphanumeric keypad that includes both an integrated wireless receiver and a transmitter module. This device will essentially perform double-duty as both an outstanding keypad controller for your VISTA 20P and a wireless receiver for any wireless devices that you want to include in your setup. Not only will you be able to arm and disarm your system with ease, but you will also be able to make simple programming changes whenever necessary. Overall, this two-in-one device makes for an excellent addition to virtually any hardwired Honeywell VISTA System.

For making programming changes, the 6160RF includes a 2-line alphanumeric LCD display. This is great for accessing *56 programming of the VISTA 20P so that you can add or edit any sensors and program customized alpha descriptors. These alpha descriptors will allow you to name any zones that have been set up with your system so that you can easily identify where a fault occurred. DIY users are generally very impressed with the 6160RF keypad, as it makes using a hardwired system as user-friendly as possible.

The other impressive feature of the 6160RF is its built-in wireless receiver, which allows users to add wireless sensors to their security setup. Wireless sensors are very easy to program, and they prevent users from having to awkwardly fish wires through their walls. This can save a user a significant amount of time and energy whenever they install a new device. Of course, you will still be able to use older hardwired sensors with the VISTA 20P and the 6160RF as well. However, having the ability to use wireless sensors will present you with more options and capabilities.

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