What Is The Best Indoor, Wired PIR Motion Sensor?

The best indoor, wired PIR motion sensor depends on your unique needs. Each motion sensor has different specifications and is suitable for different applications. The best option is to read through our list of hardwired motions and determine which on is best for you.

If you need help wiring a motion sensor to your panel, then this FAQ can help you. Or if you want to know how PIR motion sensors work, check this FAQ.

Below are some of the hardwired PIR motion sensors you might consider:

Honeywell IS3050A PIR Motion w/ Anti-Mask

Honeywell is3050a motion detector front

The Honeywell IS3050A offers an impressive detection area of 53 by 72 feet when it is mounted from 7.5 feet high. Its most exciting feature is anti-mask protection that will have the associated zone display a trouble condition if certain substances are applied on the sensor lens. This will also occur if someone places a reflective object within two (2) inches of the sensor. However, this sensor lacks an adjustable pulse count for increasing or decreasing device sensitivity.

Honeywell IS335 Pet Immune Motion Detector

Honeywell is335 pet immune motion detector

A good pet immune motion detector is the Honeywell IS335. This motion sensor offers a detection area of 40 feet by 56 feet when mounted at a height between seven (7) and nine (9) feet. Its best feature is pet immunity. This allows small animals weighing less than 80 pounds to move around the premises without activating the sensor. You can also turn off the pet immunity feature if it is not needed. Please note that mounting location is very important when using pet immunity.

Honeywell IS280CM Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector

Honeywell is280cm ceiling mount pir motion detector

The Honeywell IS280CM is a ceiling mount motion sensor. It is designed to be installed on the ceiling so that it can look down and detect motion below. The motion sensor uses 50 different fields of view to obtain a 360 degree coverage pattern. It is perfect for mounting above a doorway to detect when someone enters into a room. You could also place it at one end of a room, if that end off-limits. The sensor has four (4) pulse count settings for adjusting device sensitivity.

Honeywell DT8035 Dual Tec Motion Sensor

Honeywell dt8035 dual tech motion sensor

Some users might prefer a motion sensor that uses microwave detection in addition to PIR detection. The Honeywell DT8035 Dual Tec Motion Sensor is a great selection for these users. The sensor will only activate if both the microwave sensor and the PIR sensor are triggered. This is helpful for reducing false alarms. The sensor has an adjustable pulse count, and pet immunity is available for small animals weighing up to 100 pounds.

Honeywell DT906 Dual Tech Long-Range Motion Detecting Sensor

Honeywell dt906 dual tec long range motion detector

The Honeywell DT906 is also a dual-tech motion sensor, but this one offers an extended detection area. You can choose between a detection area of 200 feet by 15 feet or 120 feet by 10 feet. The sensor also comes with an anti-mask feature to prevent others from disabling the device. Temperature compensation helps ensure reliable motion detection.

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