What Is The Best Long Range PIR Motion Sensor?

There are several long range PIR motion detectors to choose from. The best long range PIR motion sensor depends on the environment the sensor will be installed in.

The Honeywell 5800PIR-COM is a wireless motion detector that comes with an optional UV lens that will provide a 100’ x 20’ coverage area. If the UV lens is not used the 5800PIR-COM will provide a 60’ x 80’ protective area. The UV lens is usually installed when mounted in hallways or corridors. The 5800PIR-COM also has a look down feature. When the 5800PIR-COM is installed over a door the motion will pick up anyone walking through the door immediately. The 5800PIR-COM is a passive infrared motion detector that detects motion by sensing a change in infrared energy hot to cold or cold to hot. The 5800PIR-Com has a bug guard feature. This is a protective barrier that prevents bugs from getting to the pyro electric sensor and causing false alarms. Bugs are attracted to this sensor due to its warmth.

The Honeywell IS25100TC is a hardwired long range motion detector that has a factory installed lens that provides 100' x 20' coverage. The IS25100TC is a passive infrared motion detector. It senses motion by picking up changes in infrared energy passing into its field of view, causing the alarm relay to open.The IS25100TC has an available look down feature which can immediately detect anyone walking through the door when mounted above the door. The IS25100TC also has a bug guard. The bug guard prevents bugs and dust from entering the optic chamber while increasing white light immunity.

The Honeywell DT906 is a hardwired, dual tech, long range motion detector. The Honeywell DT906 uses 2 built-in mirror lenses to provide 2 selectable long range pattern coverage's; 120' x 10' or 200' x 15'. The DT906 uses both Passive Infrared and Microwave to detect motion. The Passive Infrared detects a change in infrared energy from hot to cold or cold to hot, and the microwave detects physical movement of any object, regardless of temperature, by using a Dopplar effect. The microwave has the ability to adapt to repetitive movement in it's environment, such as a ceiling fan. With the anti-mask feature, the DT906 will send a pulsing infrared beam out into its field of view every 8 seconds. If it becomes blocked, the infrared beam is reflected back to the sensor. After 2 consecutive reflected beams, the sensor signals a trouble condition, green and red LEDs flash rapidly, and the mask relay opens. The DT906 also has a bug guard which protects the pyro chamber from insects that can cause false alarms. Dual tech motions are often used in environments where a single technology, such as PIR, may encounter false alarms due to environmental issues. The environmental changes that will cause a false alarm on a PIR will usually not activate a microwave sensor. By requiring that both technologies sense motion before an alarm is triggered, false alarms can be nearly eliminated.

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Unfortunately no, a motion sensor can not detect motions through a wall

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