What is the Best Z-Wave Lamp Module for the Honeywell L5210, L7000?

There are many great Z-Wave lamp modules for the Honeywell L5210 and L7000 systems. One of the best options is the 2GIG PD300EMZ5-1 Z-Wave lamp module. This is a plug-in module that will support up to 300 watts of power. This allows multiple lights to be controlled with the same module.

The 2GIG PD300EMZ5-1 is a Z-Wave module that plugs into any standard wall outlet. It communicates with a security panel using Wireless Z-Wave signals. In order for this device to be used, a Z-Wave controller will need to be added to the security system. We recommend using a Honeywell L5100 Z-Wave Controller with the system. This controller compatible with both the L5210 and the L7000 systems.

Once an L5100 Z-Wave Controller has been added, the plug-in lamp module can be synced with the security system. This is done through the home automation menu of the panel. After it has been synced, a user can control the device right from their Lynx Touch panel. The dimmer will support multiple lamps, as long as the total wattage load does not exceed 300 watts. A user will be able to adjust the brightness of the lamp to their desired level. This is great for situations where you want to set the mood by adjusting the lights to the perfect level.

Like any Z-Wave device, the 2GIG PD300EMZ5-1 can be controlled in some very interesting ways. A user can have the device activate automatically based on rules and scenes that have been set up. For instance, a user might have all of the lights automatically turn on when they open a door. Another option could be to have the lights in their living room activate when the motion sensor in the room is triggered. The lights can also be controlled remotely using the Total Connect interactive service.

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