What is the Difference Between a 5816WMWH and a 5816?

The only difference between a 5816WMWH and a 5816 is that the 5816WMWH includes a magnet which can be used with the internal reed switch to monitor the status of a door or window. The "WMWH" portion of the name is used to identify that the product includes a magnet and is white in color.

Both 5816WMWH and 5816 are used refer to the same Honeywell door and window transmitter. The Honeywell part number 5816 does not include a magnet. This is because a person may not require the magnet if they intend to use the device strictly as a wireless transmitter for separate normally closed alarm devices. This can be done by programming the device to loop 1.

By using this setting of the 5816, the user can connect any normally closed device to the 5816's terminals, instead of having to wire them all the way to the security panel. Once connected with the 5816, the normally closed device will be able to communicate with the security panel wirelessly using the RF capabilities of the 5816.

The device is used as a door and window sensor when it is programmed to loop 2. In this mode, it is necessary to use the magnet that is included with the 5816WMWH. The sensor contains an internal reed switch that is used in conjunction with the magnet to determine whether or not its circuit is open or closed. A closed circuit identifies that the door or window is also closed and that the device is in its normal state.

It should be mentioned that both loop 1 and loop 2 of the unit can be used simultaneously. This means that the 5816 can be utilized as both a door and window sensor and as a wireless transmitter at the same time. Additionally, both the standard 5816 and the 5816WMWH include a mounting plate for easy installation and maintenance. At Alarm Grid, we've chosen to sell the 5816WMWH as part number 5816, which means our 5816 will always include the magnet.

Users who need help with installing their 5816 or programming the device to their security panel should consult the appropriate FAQ listed below:

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Additionally, Alarm Grid has created several videos outlining the process of programming the 5816 sensor to various security panels. These videos can be viewed using the links provided below:

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