How do I program a Honeywell 5816 wireless sensor?

A Honeywell 5816 wireless sensor can be programmed in many different ways depending on which Honeywell wireless security system you have installed. If you have an all-in-one Honeywell wireless alarm control panel like the L3000 LYNX Plus, L5210, L7000 or the new Lyric Controller, the wireless receiver needed for monitoring a 5816 wireless sensor is built into the security system. If you have a Honeywell VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, or VISTA-21iP, you must also have a wireless receiver installed and addressed and you must be using an alphanumeric alarm keypad like the 6160 to program the 5816 wireless sensor. With any type of Honeywell security system, you must also have at least (1) available wireless zone before programming.

There are (2) ways to program the 5816 wireless sensor using a LYNX Plus wireless security system. You can use the voice prompt programming mode or you can use the expert programming mode. To enter the voice prompt programming mode enter your (4) digit installer code followed by '888'. The LYNX Plus wireless security system will announce "Programming, use arrows to scroll choices. Press select to accept, press escape to quit" and 'Pro' will be displayed on the LCD screen. Simply follow the voice prompts to program the 5816 wireless sensor. The alternative expert programming mode can be used with the LYNX Plus wireless security system and it is also how you program a 5816 wireless sensor to a Honeywell VISTA Series security system. To enter the expert programming mode, enter your (4) digit installer code followed by '800' once in programming, press '*56'. The system will provide menu prompts (Zone Number, Zone Type, Report Code, Input Type, Loop Number, and Alpha or Voice Descriptor). Program each field within the *56 enhanced zone programming mode. The input type for a 5816 should be supervised RF(03). If you are using the internal reed switch of the 5816 wireless sensor along with a magnet, you should program the wireless zone as loop 2. If you are wiring a normally closed contact to the terminals on the 5816, you should program the wireless zone as loop 1. You can use both loops by programming two separate wireless zones, one for each input. An example of this might be using the 5816 with a magnet to protect a double hung window, while using a normally closed contact on the screen for the window, wired to the same 5816's terminals.

Using a LYNX Touch wireless security system, you need to use the touch screen icon driven menu to program the 5816 wireless sensor. From the home screen press Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (Default = 4112) > Program > Zones to bring up the zone programming menu. Select the zone number you wish to program, then press "Edit". Program all fields of the zone programming menu using the appropriate information for your situation (i.e., Device Type, Response Type, Descriptor, Alarm Report, etc.). When enrolling the serial number you can manually enter the (7) digit serial number or you can activate and restore the 5816 wireless sensor three times to use the RF learning feature to enroll the wireless sensor's serial number. When finished with programming, be sure to press "Save" before exiting the zone program screen.

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I have not received an email
Hi Pamela, Honeywell 5800 Series sensors aren't "smart" enough to know if they are programmed to a system or not. They simply do what they do and the system's they are programmed to properly, that are in range of the device, will react to what they are doing. Do you only have 5816 sensors or do you have any other model number sensors from the old system?Also, would you be able to email us at support@alarmgrid,com referencing this post and describing the process you're using to enroll the sensors.
Yes they are all 5816 sensors. What do you do if you can’t get a sensor to connect?
Good afternoon Pamela, please advise if the sensor is a 5816 sensor and if you kindly reply back to, we will be happy to assist you.
I am setting up a honeywell lynx 5210 system. My sensors were previously working for a 5200 unit, the unit had an issue and that is why I am replacing. I am unable to configure any of my sensors, they will not detect automatically nor when I enter the serial number manually. I cannot find anything else to do so I am assuming I have a defective unit. Any advice?
Hi Deb, We've answered you outside of this forum in the separate email you sent. Please check there and get back to us with the info we requested so we can give you a hand with this. Thanks.
Programming Honeywell 5600 wireless transmitter With a 20p panel. Want to know how to program the transmitter When a signal is sent to the keypad. How to change from reading fault or check or alarm? Where in the programming is this an option to change to wording? TIA
Great! on Page 15 of the programming guide it describes how to program the zone and the chime.
Lynx Plus (3000)....
Which Lynx panel is this?
Bryce: thanks so much for your reply. Sorry to ask but, how do I make sure of that? I just followed the same process described in different sites online but cannot tell which of the steps is the one that actually enable/disable chime for the specific sensor or zone. Would you mind pointing me to the program-setting you are referring to? Again, thanks for your help....!!!
When you go into programming for the sensor. Did you make sure the chime is enabled for that particular sensor.
I've been researching without success. Just reprogrammed my alarm panel (Lynx Plus) and added 3(ea) 5816 door wireless sensors. The issue is that CHIME only works for one of the sensors, not for all of them. Other than the zones, the programming is similar in all of them. The zone type is "Entry/Exit", Report Code is CA0, Input Type is 3 RF Supervised, E2L Auto Learned, and each zone descriptor matches each door location (Garage, Front, Kitchen in this case). Just the Front Delay Door is announced every time the front door is opened. For the other ones, there is no announcement, however they panel shows DISARMED, Not Ready" and shows the fault. What am I missing? I exhausted all possible options and could not find a similar situation over the internet so, I don;t have a clue on what is wrong. All ideas will definitely be welcomed and thanks in advance....!!!
Hi, please make sure you enabled the receiver on the keypad:
trying to install 5816 with vista 15p and 6160rf will not respond
Is the sensor housing completely closed and, if it has one, mounted on its base? Was the sensor working previously?
Our system is stuck on "Check 11 Garage House Door". Nothing seems to override this. SO frustrating
The metal frame may cause issues with the RF signal, but yes the sensor can be installed on the screen frame.
Can it be used on the interior of a screen door?
There is no template for this sensor, if you're meaning the response type that would be perimeter if you'd like the alarm to sound immediately once the window is open.
Which template is suggested for a this door/window sensor?
Awesome! Thanks for the feedback.
Added it to a trailer and working great. Attached to the side door for the sensor and going to add a loop 1 for the back door via a wired contact.
Unfortunately, the FG1625 and the ASC-SS1 both require current to operate. If you had a power source for the FG1625, you could wire the Normally Closed alarm circuit to loop 1 on the 5816, and get your power from the other source,but since you're using a wireless device in the first place, I'm assuming that's unlikely. The ASC-SS1 is a 2-wire device, it gets its current from the alarm loop, so it's just not compatible.
I have a garage with a double hung window I would like to protect from being opened or broken. I wondered if a 5816 could be wired to one ASC-SS1 shock sensor on each sash. Or can it be wired to one FG1625 glass break. This would be cheaper than adding a wireless 5853 glass break. I want to try using the 5816 wired loop, is it as easy as connecting Normally Closed sensors?
You can only have one wireless receiver per system so the 6150RF would be a redundant item to your wireless receiver and Fixed English keypad. You need an alphanumeric keypad like the 6160 so you can access your panel's zone programming menus.
I have a Vista-10P Panel with a wireless receiver (SA5881-6NECRM) and a wired fixed-word K4576 keypad (which I believe does not have programmable options). I recently hired an Ackerman technician to install the wireless receiver as well as a few 5800 wireless sensors (5853 glassbreak and 5800PIR-RES motion sensors). I now want to add additional sensors to my security system; do you recommend me to upgrade my keypad to a 6150RF to program these sensors myself or there is another way to program the sensors into the wireless receiver? Thank you so much!
You'll also need an auxiliary power supply to power the 5800PIR-COM motions.
Absolutely. Just ensure to program them to loop 1!
I have a small commercial office space that has 2 metal doors pre wired with commercial contacts, I would like to upgrade current safe watch entrepreneur panel with a lynx plus l3000 ver30.00 and use exising hardwired contacts and add two 5800pir-com, it's it possible to use two 5816 contacts and go wired to wireless?
We're so glad you found us Perry and we sincerely appreciate your business!
Sterling you are awesome just starting buying from you guys and your Q&A are great thank for all you do. Truly a customer for life.
Although the garage monitor zone type will work, I would recommend setting the gate to general monitor as a door. A fault of this sensor will result in a chime and voice announcement: "Activity Detected" followed by the name of your zone. Make sure that the 5816OD is set to loop 2 and you have chime and voice enabled in the main menu settings.
Sterling-How do I program a 5816OD on a gate that I only want to chime when it opens. I have programmed it as a GARAGE device - No monitoring and all seems OK. Am I just fooling the L5200 into thinking it's a GARAGE device?
The 5816 can only accept NC devices when programmed to loop 1. Unfortunately, there is no way to wire a NO device to a 5816. However some panics buttons do have a way to wire them NC or NO. If your wired panic only supports the NO configuration you can check out the 5817 ( ) which supports NO devices when mapped to loop 1. The other option is simply enrolling a fully wireless panic button like the 5802WXT ( ) or the 5869 ( ). I know this may not be the answer you are looking for but I hope it helps you find a solution.
How do you program a holdup button to a 5816 then it's a normally closed contact but a hold up is normally open
No, it doesn't have to be a Honeywell contact. The 5816 will accept any normally closed contact.
Does the wired door contact have to be made by Honeywell if wired into the 5816? I have a large steel commercial door that has a contact on it from its previous alarm system. Will that work with the L5200 and the 5816?
You're welcome. Happy New Year to you as well!
Thank you very much , actually that was what I needed to . happy new year
Hi Angel, I just replied to this question below. Loop 1 = Wired contact. Loop 2 = Reed switch/magnet/wireless contact. You will want to program both zones with the same serial number and set the proper loop based on which sensor is wired or using the reed switch.
Hello Sterling: I want to use the internal reed switch of the 5816 and a cable with a magnet as loop. One to the upper side of the window and the other with the magnet to the lower side. I dont know if i need to program the internal reed as loop 1 and the magnet as loop 2.
Loop 1 = Wired contact. Loop 2 = Reed switch/magnet/wireless contact. You will want to program both zones with the same serial number and set the proper loop based on which sensor is wired or using the reed switch.
Hello Sterling: I want to use the internal reed switch of the 5816 and a cable with a magnet as loop. One to the upper side of the window and the other with the magnet to the lower side. I dont know if i need to program the internal reed as loop 1 and the magnet as loop 2.
You can wire in two (or more) wired sensors in series to the 5816. You would then just program the 5816 into the system using loop 1 so that the external wired contacts would be the ones to generate the faults and alarms.
I would like to program my L5200 one 5816 with the 2 sensors simultaneously ( by adding one wiring in the area of the loop). Will be in a window. Might you explain me step by step how I program each one in the panel .
Yes, you would setup a configurable zone type 90 under *182 with the settings you'd like and then assign the sensor to Zone Type 90.
I have 6160s in the house, when i enter programing (Install code +800) do i go to *182 ( Configurable Zone type 90)?
Okay, you can setup a configurable zone or you can bypass the device each stay arming period. The configurable zone setup can be tricky. You would need a 6160 alphanumeric keypad.
Honeywell Vista 20p
What system do you have? If you have a VISTA Series panel, you can setup a configurable zone type. If not, you would just have to manually bypass that zone before each time you arm to away mode.
I would like to program the 5816 to sound an alarm only in the stay mode (sleeping time) but no response during the away mode so that our pool guy and lawn maintence can enter the property while we are not home. Is there a way to program this with those settings.
Do you have the cover off while you are learning it in? The tamper is technically loop 4 so you need to set the loop back to 2 and then it should work.
I have a vista 20 p and cannot clear the zone fault for that device. When I program the 5816 the panel receives it as a loop 4 even though I programmed it as zone 2
Happy to help!
AHA! Thanks -- was overlooking the obvious...gads. Works perfectly now...;-)
It sounds like you have the wrong loop number. If you are using it as a wireless sensor, it should be loop 2. If you have it wired to a wired sensor, it should be loop 1.
I can't get 5816 fault (slider door) to clear from HW 5100 when I close the slider. Works fine and beeps on opening but when I close it, it won't clear from the panel! Where am I going wrong?

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