What Is The Hartford Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The Hartford homeowner's insurance discount given for owning an alarm system ranges from about 5% to 10%. The exact amount of this discount is dependent upon several different factors. These factors can include the home's location, the type of home monitoring that is provided and more.

If a homeowner wants to increase the discount they receive on their homeowner's insurance, there are some certain features and capabilities that they can add to their monitoring plan. For example, the Hartford claims that they will provide a larger discount in homeowner's insurance for any customer who receives central station monitoring instead of self-monitoring. If you receive alarm monitoring from Alarm Grid, make sure that you choose a central station monitoring plan in order to obtain the largest possible discount from the Hartford.

Another factor concerns the type of protection that is provided. The homeowners that receive the largest discounts from the Hartford maintain both burglary and fire protection. This is because having both burglary and fire protection puts the home at a lower risk than homes that do not have both types of protection.

Homeowners should also be aware that these insurance discounts are largely dependent upon the state in which insurance coverage is provided. The Hartford will grant larger discounts in certain states than they will in others. We recommend checking with the Hartford in order to find out the specific discounts that you can receive in your state.

Interestingly, the Hartford claims that having cellular monitoring versus IP monitoring does not play a role in the type of discount that they will provide. At Alarm Grid, we recommend receiving cellular monitoring, due to the fact that is the most reliable communication path for a security system. However, this communication path will not result in any sort of insurance discount with the Hartford. Additionally, the Hartford does not offer any discounts for having security cameras.

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