What Is the Metlife Homeowner's Insurance Discount Given for Owning an Alarm System?

The Metlife homeowner's insurance discount given for owning an alarm system is anywhere from 5% to 15%. The exact discount that is offered is dependent upon several different factors. These include the location of the individual's home and the type of alarm monitoring that is provided.

Simply put, calculating a homeowner's insurance premium and any applied discount is a very complicated process. There are a large number of factors that are taken into account when determining a homeowner's insurance discount. Some of these factors can be controlled by the homeowner, such as the type of alarm monitoring that they receive. However, other factors are out of their control, such as the location of their home.

Below are some of the factors that will help determine the exact discount that the homeowner will receive:

Central Station Monitoring: Having central station monitoring will provide a larger discount than if the homeowner only receives self-monitoring. This is because homeowners with central station monitoring present a lower risk to security companies than those with a self-monitoring plan.

Cellular Monitoring: Having a security system with a cellular communicator will provide a larger discount than if the system only has an IP connection or a POTS (plain old telephone service) connection. This is because cellular communication is widely recognized as the most reliable communication method for security systems.

Burglary and Fire Protection: In order to receive the largest insurance discount, it is necessary to maintain both burglary and fire protection. This means having both security sensors (motions, contacts, glass breaks) and life safety sensors (smoke, heat, carbon monoxide). Maintaining both burglary and fire protection puts your home at a lower risk than if you just have one type of protection.

Location: The location of the home can play a big role in determining the insurance discount. Some states offer larger discounts for homeowners than others. Please be aware that Metlife will not offer discounts in homeowner's insurance in certain states.

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