What Kind of Wire Do I Need to Use to Install an Interlogix Simon XT?

The kind of wire you need to install an Interlogix Simon XT is 18-gauge two-conductor wire. The wire will connect the Simon XT and a 9-volt AC transformer. The transformer is then plugged into a wall outlet. If the transformer loses power, a backup battery will keep the system powered on.

Although 18-gauge two-conductor wire is standard, other gauge wires can be used as well. Some users have used 22-gauge and 16-gauge wire instead. But remember, the thinner the wire, the shorter the distance the Simon XT Panel will need to be from the transformer. Keep this in mind when providing power to the Simon XT System.

Complete the following steps to set up AC power for the Simon XT System:

1. Wire the transformer. Take one end of the 18-gauge two-conductor wire, and strip it so that the two inner wires can be worked with. Then strip about 1/4 of an inch of these wires to expose a small amount of copper. Then connect one inner wire to one terminal on the 9-volt AC transformer, and connect the other inner wire to the other terminal. Since AC power is being used, polarity does not matter, and either wire can connect to either terminal. Using a screwdriver, make sure that these connections are nice and tight so that the connections will not easily come loose.

2. Open the panel. On the top of the Simon XT System, there should be a screw that keeps the panel secured to its back cover. Use a screwdriver to remove this screw and put it in a safe place Then push in the two tabs on top of the panel. With the tabs pushed in, you should be able to pull the panel off from the mounting base so that you can access the interior of the system.

3. Make the connections. Once the panel is opened, locate the two terminals on the circuit board labeled "9VAC In". These two terminals are where the wire from the 9-volt AC transformer will connect. Take the other end of the wire from the AC transformer, and strip it so that you can easily work with the two inner wires. Then strip about 1/4 of an inch of these inner wires so that a small amount of copper is exposed. Then secure these inner wires to the terminals labeled "9VAC In". Each terminal will receive one inner wire. Remember, since this is AC power, polarity does not matter, and either wire can connect to either terminal. Make sure that the connections are nice and secure and unlikely to become loose at any time. You can then close the system. Make sure to reapply the securing screw on the top of the panel.

4. Power on the system. Plug in the AC transformer into a wall outlet. If all the connections were made properly, the panel should automatically power on. If it does not power on, check the connections, and make sure that they are correct. Also make sure that the wall outlet is currently receiving power.

If you want to connect the backup battery as well, follow step 4 of this FAQ. This will also require opening up the panel. Please note that we generally recommend plugging in the battery immediately prior to plugging in the transformer to provide AC Power. This prevents a battery fault condition.

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