Which loop does Honeywell wireless motion detector use?

While each wireless motion detector is different, most Honeywell wireless motion sensors should be programmed as loop 1. While loop 1 is the default, and most commonly used setting, certain Honeywell wireless motion detectors have additional features or programming options that require them to be programmed differently. Programming a sensor as loop 2, for example may change the sensitivity or disable the pet immunity feature. Check the instructions for your specific Honeywell motion sensor if you have an installation that may require you to program your wireless motion with settings that vary from the default mode.

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Nathan, you can't use just the heat side of a 5808W3. If you want a heat detector on its own, you should use the 5809 (https://www.alarmgrid.com/products/honeywell-5809) instead.
I want to add a honeywell smoke/ heat ddetector to my Lynx 5100. I want to place it in the attic as a heat detector . I dont understand the looping thing with the zones. I dont want to use the smoke detector side of it.

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