What voice commands work on the Lyric security system?

Lyric Voice Command allows you to use a triggering phrase to get your Lyric alarm system's attention from up to 10 feet away with normal ambient background noise. Once you have Lyric's attanetion, you can give a Voice Command which tells Lyric to run a particular scene. You can also say “Cameras” and bring up the camera screen for viewing, if present. This feature can be enabled from the Master Tools screen, under Voice Control.

Go to Security >Tools > Master Code > Voice Command. Press the option for “Voice Control” (when enabled, it will be highlighted in Blue with White lettering, if disabled, it shows a White background with Blue lettering). Then choose from one of 3 different Voice Triggers, “Hello Lyric”, “Hello Lyric Home” or “OK Lyric”. If desired, you can “Enable Trigger Feedback”. With this option selected, when Lyric hears the Voice Trigger, it responds by saying, “Hello, please say your command.” In this way, you can be sure you’ve gotten Lyric’s attention.

You will also see a selection for “Voice Training”. In this section, Lyric will guide you through a tutorial on using the Voice Command feature, and together you will teach the Lyric to listen for your voice command. The tutorial attempts to teach the Lyric the Trigger Command “Hello Lyric”. If you have selected a different Trigger Command prior to launching Voice Training, use this command in place of “Hello Lyric” while going through the tutorial. If you don’t, the Voice Trigger will never be recognized by the system.

Once you’ve enabled Voice Control and gone through Voice Training, you’re ready to begin using this feature. There are five built-in command phrases, which Lyric can implement at your request. The built-in commands are, “Wake Up”, “Leaving the House”, “Returning Home”, “Evening Time”, and “Bed Time”. Only one smart scene can be associated with each given voice command. Smart scenes are programmed either through the Lyric touchscreen itself, or through Total Connect 2.0. There are several smart scenes that exist by default, and are set to be manually activated any time. These are “Away” where the system is programmed to Arm Away when this scene is run. “Bedtime” where the system arms Stay, “Home” where the system Disarms, and “Vacation” where again, the system is armed Away. These scenes are meant to be a starting point, and allow you to add additional Z-Wave devices and actions into the scene. For “Vacation” for example, you might add a thermostat set to an energy saving setting, lights that are shut off, or dimmed, water valves that are shut off, etc. In addition to these scenes, you can add additional scenes that you create from scratch.

Once scenes have been created, and Automation information synced between Total Connect and the Lyric Controller, in the Lyric, go to Security >Tools > Master Code >Voice Command > Voice Control. You’ll see the five available Voice Commands. Highlight the Voice Command you want to associate with a scene, then press “Select”. In this screen, you’ll see all scenes that are available to be associated to this command. You can only choose one. Choose the appropriate scene, then “Save” at the bottom right. Once you’ve assigned scenes to the Voice Commands you wish to use, exit programming.

To implement a Voice Command, say the triggering phrase, if trigger feedback is enabled, you’ll hear Lyric acknowledge the phrase and request a command. Say the proper command, such as “Bedtime” and Lyric will tell you, “Processing ‘Bedtime’ command” then the scene will be run. To view cameras via voice controls, say your triggering phrase, and when acknowledged, if enabled, say “Cameras”. The camera screen will be displayed.

Voice Commands cannot be used to unlock a door. If a voice command is setup to run a scene that does a “disarm” the Lyric will present the keypad, and you must enter a valid user code to complete the command.

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