Where should I place 2Gig GoControl?

Placement of the 2GIG Go!Control wireless security system will vary based on the type of monitoring on the system and the entry delay periods. The brain of the system is located in the control panel itself so you want to protect the unit from being destroyed by an intruder. This can be accomplished by hiding the panel or placing it somewhere that is unreachable within the programmed entry delay period. If you choose this approach you can mount the GoControl panel in a master bedroom or private office away from any entry/exit points. This will physically protect the panel from being compromised before triggering an alarm to your monitoring provider in the event of an intrusion. Since the panel will be located elsewhere it is recommended to setup a 2GIG TS-1 touchscreen display keypad or the PAD1 fixed button keypad.

The TS-1 is a robust graphic touchscreen designed to offer wireless control and detailed status of the current state of the system. This keypad requires the 2GIG XCVR2-345 transceiver module is installed in the GoControl panel. The TS-1 communicates over the 900MHz RF frequency which is not built into the control panel. The PAD1 is simply a wireless keypad for arming, disarming and triggering a panic alarm. It does not report any status of the system; nor does it chime or voice annunciate faulted zones.

The other approach to protecting your control panel is enrolling in service with Alarm.com. If you setup monitoring with one of Alarm.com's cellular radios you can utilize the "smash and grab" technology. This is a feature that initiates a ping to the system when system is armed and an entry/exit delay door is opened. If the server does not receive a valid disarm or an alarm within the entry delay period, it will initiate an alarm verification sequence. This can be customized. Generally, this will result in verification calls to ensure it is not a false alarm. Then the central station will dispatch the authorities if needed.

All in all, placement of the panel is very subjective and depends on the layout of the system. Just keep in mind, that you can use remote keypads like the TS-1 and PAD1 at the entry points in order to protect the integrity of alarm signals during a break-in. The "Smash and Grab" feature is a fail-safe technology designed to protect you even if the equipment is damaged or destroyed.

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