Which Outdoor Cameras are Compatible w/ Total Connect?

An outdoor camera that is compatible with Total Connect is the Lyric OC1, also referred to as the IPCAM-WOC1. This is one of the most advanced cameras available from Honeywell. It is currently the only Total Connect Camera being manufactured that is designed for use in an outdoor setting.

The tough, weatherproof design of the Lyric OC1 makes it perfect for outdoor environments. It can fully withstand harsh temperatures, and it is resistant to rain, wind, snow and dust. This makes Lyric OC1 the perfect choice for Total Connect users who need to monitor the exterior of their property.

But the Lyric OC1 offers more than just a rugged exterior. The camera boasts some impressive internal hardware and capabilities as well. The camera can record video at up to 1080P HD quality. Its 117° viewing angle provides the device with an impressively wide look at its surroundings. However, an external microphone will need to be added if the user wishes to record audio as well.

Honeywell has made it super easy to set up and use this fantastic camera. It comes with its only mounting plate for easy installation, and only a few tools are needed to complete the process. The user can then sync the camera with their Total Connect Account by having the camera scan a QR code from their smart device. Once the camera has been synced, they can use their smart device to set up WIFI on the camera. By connecting the camera to the same WIFI network as their Lyric Controller, the user can view the live feed for the camera right from their alarm panel. The live feed can also be viewed from Total Connect and from the Honeywell Home App.

At the present time, the Lyric OC1 is the only camera being produced by Honeywell that is designed for outdoor use. However, there are older Total Connect Cameras that can also be used in outdoor settings as well. One example of such a camera is the Honeywell IPCAM-WO.

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Unfortunately, these cameras are still only to be viewed through Total Connect 2.0.
Checking back to see if anything has changed to allow the new HD cameras to display on a Tuxedo yet?
None as of yet, these cameras are still only to be viewed through Total Connect.
Have there been any updates on getting this camera to display on the Tuxedo panel?
The WOC1, C1, and C2 only integrate with Total Connect. They cannot be viewed locally from the panel.
IPCAM WOC1 easily integrates with the Total Connect 2.0 App and can be viewed. What has to happen to make streaming work on the Touch 7000 panel? Cameras and panel are on same network. Scan on panel does not pick them up.

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