Which Z-Wave deadbolt works w/ a Lyric security system?

The Honeywell Lyric home security system is compatible with multiple Z-Wave locks.

The Honeywell Lyric Security System is the newest all in one wireless panels. The system has a built-in, and ready to use Z-wave module and WIFI communicator. After installing the unit and configuring the initial setup, the system is able to start enrolling and controlling Z-Wave devices. The Lyric system is a great candidate to be used with Total Connect 2.0 as this app allows a user the ability to remotely control their system and Z-Wave devices. With Total Connect 2.0 a user is able to add Z-Wave locks to automation programming to interact with the system. A Z-Wave lock can be programmed to interact with system functions such as unlocking when the system is disarmed or locking when the system is armed. Additionally, it can be programmed to disarm the system when unlocked or arm the system when locked. Z-Wave devices can also be programmed into a “Scene” together to all operate when a certain event or function occurs. For example when the system is disarmed through Total Connect 2.0, the front door can unlock, Z-Wave switches can turn on lights and a Z-Wave thermostat can turn up or down the temperature.

Users can also control the Lyric over a local WIFI network with its free app called My Home Controller. This app is available on Android or iOS smart devices and is free to download. The app has the same user interface as the Lyric and is a convenient way for a user to control their system from a tablet or smartphone. In some cases, users mount a tablet to the wall, running the app, and use this as a secondary keypad. This works well with Android devices, where the app never times out. Unfortunately, on iOS devices, the app is forced to shut down after a period of inactivity. One downside to this is that, for a device to access the system through the app, the device needs to be on the same WIFI network as the Lyric, so this is good for local control only.

The Z-Wave home automation market is constantly growing and evolving. Users have more choices than ever when selecting automation systems and devices. The Lyric does have a large library of compatible devices which is always being expanded. There are so many devices available though, that compatibility needs to be checked before making a purchase. The Lyric can work alongside other Z-Wave systems, as a secondary controller, but it can not be armed/disarmed by the 3rd party Z-Wave controller.

On page 27 of the Lyric programming guide there is a list of compatible Z-Wave devices, however the Z-Wave landscape is changing rapidly. It is a good idea to check compatibility online, in Z-Wave forums, and on our website prior to making a purchase. Our recommendation is to stick with Yale or Kwikset when selecting a Z-Wave lock for Lyric. Schlage is compatible but we have heard of some operation issues.

Here is a list of Lyric compatible Z-Wave locks (so far) :

Yale Real Living Push-Button Lever Lock

Yale Real Living Touchscreen Lever Lock

Yale Real Living Push-Button Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Link Deadbolt Lock

Schlage Link Lever Lock

Kwikset Smartcode Lever Lock

Kwikset Smartcode Deadbolt Lock

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Exactly. They can be purchased with that module. We just do not sell them at this time.
Thank you Frank. I began researching this more after Joe's response and, indeed, only one protocol is supported. Purchasing the lock with ZWave support is using the network module slot already. If one was to get the iM1 module, the ZWave module would be replaced.
I believe this an "either or" situation. The module in the lock is either Z-Wave or WIFI (homekit). You will have to choose how you'd like to integrate the lock. We do not currently sell any of the locks with native homekit compatibility
It does look like the Yale Z-Wave locks we sell can be upgraded to work with Apple HomeKit, here is a link with some information: https://www.yalehome.com/en/yale/yalehome/residential/yale-real-living/assure-lock/im1-network-module/
Do you know of a deadbolt that is both HomeKit and ZWave compatible? I am able to control my lights and Lyric alarm panel with Homekit. If I add a ZWave deadbolt, I don't think I'll be able to control it with the HomeKit app unless it, too, is HomeKit certified.
I purchased the 226, and am having issues getting the lock to work with the Lyric controller. I am able to enroll the lock, but the controller just says "Still Not Ready". I can see the lock from TC2, and it gives me the option to lock and unlock, but no signal is ever sent to the device. After a while, the controller will show the lock as a failed device and I can remove it with the "fix it" button. I am on software release 01.04.07178.491. Any advice, I just spent over $300 on these locks thinking they were compatible with my controller.
The August lock pairs into TC2 at a cloud level but, as of yet, you can't pair a Z-Wave August lock to the Lyric. If that changes, we'll certainly let you know.
Best Buy and Amazon have been running some good sales on the August locks. Just wondering if they were compatible.
They haven't released a formal new list but the MR4 firmware brought support of the Yale Assure YRD216, YRD226 and the key-free YRD246. Also, we know the Yale nexTouch 600 Series commercial locks work as well. Did you have an alternate Z-Wave lock you were hoping to use?
Is there an updated list for z wave door locks with Lyric Panel?
I believe it was 1.03 or higher but some of these Schlage locks just do not work reliably. I am recommending Kwikset and Yale locks for new customers for a while now. There is something wonky with some of the Schlage door locks and neither Schlage or Honeywell have been able to identify what it is. I believe it has do with the fact that they offer their own proprietary service (Nexia) and maybe the lock is not designed perfectly with other services.
What firmware version got the update? I've also had problems with my Schlage connect deadbolt not staying connected to the Lyric panel and eating through batteries.
I have seen this issue before and I believe it was solved with a firmware update. Your email is not coming up in our system. Are you a customer of ours? If so I would like to push a firmware update to your system. If you are not a customer and interested in service check out our plans here: https://www.alarmgrid.com/monitoring. You can start as low as $10/month and there are contracts. We offer free firmware updates for any of our customers.
I think it's an issue with lyric panel. I had lynx 7000 panel with no issues. When upgrading to lyric batteries die within 2 to 3 weeks tops. During that time it went unresponsive prior to batteries dieing. I have since unpaired lock from panel and have had no issues for about 3 weeks now. I assume it's a polling issue with lyric checking in to often with lock.
Which model Schlage deadbolt are you using and how far from the panel is the door it's installed on? Also, if you press the Automation icon on your Lyric panel, do you see "Press to see Failed devices" in yellow at the bottom of that page?
Have there been issues with the Schlage Connect deadbolts going unresponsive on the Lyric panels? I linked mine with Z-wave and was able to control it at first, but later on the deadbolt was showing as unresponsive on the Lyric panel and would not connect to the deadbolt.

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